That's why the Zelda movie is going to be awesome

The upcoming live-action adaptation of The Legend of Zelda by Sony Pictures and under the creative direction of Shigeru Miyamoto promises to be another video game adaptation worth seeing. The success of the Super Mario Bros.-Filmscreated through close collaboration between Miyamoto and Illumination Studios, shows how crucial strong vision and creative control are.

Zelda film should build on the Super Mario success

At the Super Mario, Miyamoto’s detailed instructions ensured an authentic and respectful implementation of the game world and characters, which thrilled both critics and fans. This successful approach is now on The Legend of Zelda applied. The combination of Sony's film expertise and Miyamoto's deep understanding of the Zelda world promises to create a compelling cinematic experience.


In the original announcement of the live-action film, it was revealed that Sony would co-finance the film. Avi Arad, chairman of Arad Productions Inc., is working with Miyamoto on this project. This big screen project will be directed by Wes Ball, known for Planet of the Apes: New Kingdom. Ball has already publicly stated that he has followed Link's adventures his entire life. He understands the importance of the franchise and wants to fulfill the fans' wishes.

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Is there a release period for the film yet?

So far there is no more detailed information about The Legend of Zelda film, other than that it is already in the works. So, for better or worse, we have to be patient a little longer.


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