That's how long the new action blockbuster will be in the cinema after Dune 2 and Godzilla x Kong

A short and sweet cinematic pleasure or a decent running time for the expensive cinema ticket? This question always concerns millions of film fans when the running time of a new potential blockbuster is announced. Is it worth going to the cinema for an hour and a half? Should a Hollywood film last at least two hours? And is three hours just too long without a break in the cinema? The new action film after Dune 2 and Godzilla x Kong sets a record in this regard.

How many parts of Planet of the Apes are there?

There are ten feature films in total. As The first Planet of the Apes film in 1968 When it was released in cinemas, no one could have imagined that there would be a total of four sequels, two television series and two attempts to revive the series with varying degrees of success. That came in 2001 Remake of Planet of the Apes with Mark Wahlberg in cinemas, but did not receive any further parts. It stands on its own, in complete contrast to the new Planet of the Apes films.


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Planet of the Apes: Prevolution marked the start of a new, spectacular film series in 2011 that is still successful today. Published in 2014 Planet of the Apes: Revolution, followed in 2017 by Planet of the Apes: Survival. And it will follow in a few weeks Planet of the Apes: New Kingdom the fourth part of the reboot. The new film is already setting a record.

How long is the new Planet of the Apes film?

The upcoming science fiction hit, which will almost certainly succeed Dune: Part Two and Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire as the new number 1 in the cinema charts, is expected to last well over two hours. With a term of over 145 minutes the new film is the longest in the series. The previous record holder for all films including the classics was Planet of the Apes: Survival 140 minutes long. Will there be a break?


Whether there is actually a break if the film is too long varies from cinema to cinema. Some film distributors even prohibit breaks in the film. If your cinema does not allow an interruption and the 1 liter survival cup of Cola If you want to be returned to the cycle of nature after just a short time, the only option is the embarrassing trip to the toilet, where you crouch and sneak along the row of seats in the cinema, if possible without another film fan to step on your feet and to block his view for too long.