Thanks to AirTags, he finds his luggage on the other side of the world

Apple’s AirTags have become the essential ally of travelers against the inertia of airlines, which have a certain tendency in recent months to lose luggage!

If the health crisis has emptied airports and airlines of a good part of their staff, the reopening of borders and the return of travelers to the skies have accelerated the loss of luggage. So much so that passengers have found valuable allies in Apple’s AirTags! Trackers slip easily into luggage and thanks to the Locate network, which is based on the millions of iPhones in circulation, it is quite easy to find a lost object.

Air Canada turns a deaf ear

This is also the case for luggage that carriers have the unfortunate tendency to lose in the corridors of airports. This was the case once again for this Air Canada customer. While traveling between Mexico City and Victoria, British Columbia, he had the unpleasant surprise of not finding his luggage on arrival. According to the airline, they had remained on site, in Mexico City. Do not panic, Air Canada assured the passenger that the lost baggage would be returned to him quickly.

After several days of waiting, he realizes that the luggage has appeared in the Locate application… on the other side of the world, in other words in Madrid, Spain! The customer gets back in touch with Air Canada, which promises to quickly come back to his case… without the company keeping its promise.

Unfortunately, Air Canada ignores the location of baggage, even when presented with screenshots of the exact location of lost items. The group merely announced that it will pay compensation to the traveler. Anything rather than admit being wrong? An attitude that does not plead in favor of the carrier, and which will push many other travelers to place AirTags in their luggage.

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