TFT Set 9.5: Void Fighters Composition Guide

Now is the time to Reforged Runeterra: New Horizons, set 9.5 of Teamfight Tactics. The last of the mid-term updates obviously brings new champions and new synergies. To help you in your quest for the ladder, we have prepared a composition guide None Fighters (Void Bruiser in VO) for Set 9.5 of TFT. Which champions should be recovered as a priority? What objects should you covet at the Carrousel? Who are your carries? Should you choose a particular Legend? All the information you need to play the composition well in the following lines.

Last update: 09/19/2023, patch 13.18

Composition information None TFT Set 9.5 Fighters

Positioning of champions on the board

Cho’Gath – Malzahar – Renekton – Vi – Rek’Sai – Sejuani – Silco – Sion

The key pieces


When to start with the Néant Combattants composition?

Looking to get Cho’Gath and Rek’Sai in three stars. Finding them quickly, and having a good savings for roll, is therefore essential.


None tft-set-9-void

You gain a Void Egg. At the start of the fight, it hatches into a horrifying creature that propels adjacent enemies into the air.

Each Void Champion star level increases the creature’s HP and AP by 25%.

(3) Void Ray
(6) Herault de la Faille
(9) Baron Nashor

Fighter tft-set-9-bruiser

Your units gain 100 VP. Fighters gain additional max HP

(2) +10% HP
(4) +45% HP
(6) +80% HP

Wizard tft-set-9-sorcerer

Wizards gain bonus AP.

When an enemy dies after being damaged by a Sorcerer, they deal damage equivalent to a percentage of their Max HP to another enemy.

(2) 25 AP, 7% Max HP
(4) 50 AP, 10% Max HP
(6) 80 AP, 12% Max HP to 2 enemies
(8) 120 AP, 15% Max HP to 2 enemies

How to play the composition?

• We focus here on the Fighters. Which allows more exit doors if you don’t touch everything that interests you.

• Your objective at the start of the game is mainly to accumulate the Fighters to get a big frontline. Activation None comes by itself, since you will easily find Malzahar.

• Since Rek’Sai is one of the team’s carries, we try not to expose him too much. Place it on one end of the board, where fewer enemies will be able to focus it from the start of the fight.

• Place your Void Egg between Sejuani and Sion.