TFT Set 9.5: Strategists composition guide

Now is the time to Reforged Runeterra: New Horizons, set 9.5 of Teamfight Tactics. The last of the mid-term updates obviously brings new champions and new synergies. To help you in your quest for the ladder, we have prepared a composition guide Strategists (Strategist in original version) for Set 9.5 of TFT. Which champions should be recovered as a priority? What objects should you covet at the Carrousel? Who are your carries? Should you choose a particular Legend? All the information you need to play the composition well in the following lines.

Last update: 09/19/2023, patch 13.18

Information on the TFT Set 9.5 Strategists composition

Positioning of champions on the board

Swain – Miss Fortune – Nautilus – Azir – Jarvai IV – Nasus – Gangplank – Heimerdinger

The key pieces

When to start with the Stratèges composition?

The comp has a lot of very expensive units. So you need a very solid economy, and to quickly reach level 8. And if you don’t find an Azir 2 quickly, move on.


Strategist tft-set-9-strategist

Start of combat: Allies in the first 2 rows receive a shield for 15 seconds. Allies in the last 2 rows gain AP.

(2) 200 HP, 20 AP
(3) 350 HP, 30 AP
(4) 500 HP, 45 AP
(5) 700 HP, 60 AP

King of Plunderers tft-set-9-5-reaver-king

Gangplank changes weapons depending on his positioning on the board, using his cutlass on the first 2 rows and his pistol on the bottom 2


Genius tft-set-9-technogenius

You gain a turret with 3 possible upgrades. Upgrades can be purchased in the store for 6 gp. The turret shares Heimerdinger’s AP and Attack Speed.

You can only have one turret.


Bilgewater tft-set-9-5-bilgewater

Champions of Bilgewater apply a mark on enemies with their attacks and skills.

After 1.5 seconds, marked champions are hit by a cannonball, dealing the damage stored by the mark as physical damage

(3) 140 + 40% Damage dealt
(5) 200 + 60% Damage inflicted
(7) 350 + 100% Damage dealt
(9) 650 + 150% Damage dealt, nearby enemies take 50% cannonball damage

Colossi tft-set-9-juggernaut

Colossi take less damage as their HP decreases.

(2) 15% to 25% damage reduced
(4) 20% to 35% damage reduced
(6) 30% to 45% damage reduced

Shurima tft-set-9-shurima

Every 4 seconds, Shurimians heal themselves for 5% of their max HP. After 8 seconds, some Shurimians become Transfigured, gaining 20% ​​max HP and 30% Attack Speed.

(2) The strongest Shurimian is Transfigured
(4) All Shurimians Transfigure, +15% bonus
(6) Everyone Transfigures at the start of the fight, +45% bonus
(9) Two Transfigurations, at the start of the fight and after 8 seconds. +75% bonus

How to play the composition?

• The compositions around Strategists always have one thing in common: having a Azir 2 stars, to have a solid carry.

• Since Shurima only requires 2 units to activate, this frees up space for new synergies. This is why the composition will, for example, insert Heimerdingerfor the flexibility it provides.

• For the rest, the plan is quite simple. Lots of tank items on the frontline, so Azir and MF can deal damage in peace, and that’s it.

Gangplank can be considered in the back line as well as in the front line. It depends on your preferences. The same goes for Heimerdinger’s turret. But if you play it in the first few lines, self-repair will take over.