Testing the vertical tab bar and tab containers in Firefox 124.0.2 update

Available a maintenance release of Firefox 124.0.2, which offers the following fixes:

  • Eliminated crash Linux builds for the AArch64 architecture.
  • Solved problem with loading web pages and crashing processes with tabs on systems with test builds of Ubuntu 24.04, which arose due to changes to the default AppArmor profile.
  • Solved problem with the impossibility of restoring bookmarks from a backup copy, which manifests itself in configurations with a large number of bookmarks.
  • Fixed errorscausing blank content to appear when opening windows or crashing when playing videos from sites such as Netflix.

Additionally, you can note changes tested in Firefox nightly feeson the basis of which the Firefox 126 release will be formed:


  • Separate nightly build suggested larchwherein began testing the sidebar and the ability to place a list of tabs vertically. The sidebar can be displayed either expanded or collapsed. In expanded form, some of the page titles in the tabs and the names of operations placed in the sidebar are shown, and in collapsed form, only icons of sites and operations are visible. If you wish, you can keep the tabs in the sidebar only by disabling the top tab bar. Moving the horizontal row of tabs to the sidebar allows you to allocate additional screen space for viewing site content, which is especially important on widescreen laptop screens in light of the fashion for placing fixed, non-scrolling headers on sites, which greatly narrow the area with useful information.

  • We have begun testing tab containers that allow you to visually combine several tabs of similar topics. For users who are used to keeping a large number of open tabs, the grouping function will significantly improve the usability and allow you to combine content by task and type. For example, you can separate tabs related to work, entertainment, shopping, financial services, and social networks. Secured ability to search in different containers.

  • An issue that caused passwords specified in the URL to be saved in the browsing history has been fixed. Message This problem was reported 22 years ago.
  • The work of the style editor in web developer tools has been accelerated by 15-20%.

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