Testing ALT Linux Builds for Loongarch64 Processors and Mobile Devices

After 9 months of development testing has begun experimental builds of ALT Linux for Chinese processors with architecture ((Loongarch64) implementing RISC ISA, similar to MIPS and RISC-V. To download available options with user environments Xfce and GNOME, collected repository based Sisyphus. It includes a standard set of user applications, including LibreOffice, Firefox, GIMP. It is noted that Viola became the first Russian distribution to begin creating assemblies for Loongarch64. Among the global projects, a port for Loongarch was recently accepted into Debian GNU/Linux.

To speed up the preparation of the port in ALT Linux, the developers used process catch-up package build, which allows you to automate builds for new platforms, using information about the appearance of new versions in the main repository. Initially, approximately 6 months were spent on manual porting thousands of basic packages for Loongarch64, after which an automated build process was set up and the number of available packages was increased to 17 thousand (91.7% of the entire Sisyphus repository). In addition to Loongarch64, the ALT Linux distribution is compiled for 5 primary (i586, x86_64, aarch64, armh, ppc64le) and 3 minor (Elbrus, mipsel, riscv64) platforms.


Additionally, you can note publication experimental builds ALT Mobile for mobile devices equipped with the Phosh graphical shell based on GNOME technologies. Assemblies prepared for QEMU (x86_64, ARM64 and RISC-V), as well as in the form of a system image for the Pinephone Pro smartphone. The composition includes programs such as Telegram, Chatty, Firefox, Chromium, Megapixels, Clapper, MPV, Amberol, Evince, Foliate, GNOME Calculator, GNOME Sound Recorder, GNOME Software, GNOME Сontrol Center, Phosh Mobile Settings, ALT Tweaks, GNOME Calls and GNOME Maps, adapted to work with small touch screens.

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