Tesla: used cars cost more than new ones | Let’s find out why the request is exaggerated

The South African entrepreneur Elon Musk is once again talking about his Tesla company as regards the market for the sale of used and new cars. Now there is news about the crisis in the chip market which has also and above all involved the world of cars.

Sketch the value of used cars and in particular that of Tesla. Because the Covid 19 pandemic has created an unprecedented crisis in the chip market, so much so that it has also had deadly effects on used cars. Revealed, therefore, too why used cars are sold at a higher price than new ones on Tesla’s website which have longer delivery waiting times.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla used: it costs more than the new one

Very high demand of Tesla used due to lack of chips leading to significant delays in the sale of new cars also for the powerful US company of Elon Musk. To confirm this are the numbers of sales of the Tesla Model 3 which is the company’s best-selling car and one of the best-selling on the market. In fact, in the US, Tesla has exceeded 200,000 units delivered and the Tesla Model 3 sometimes takes as little as 16 days to be sold privately, which is half the average time compared to sales by owners of other cars. The used Tesla Model 3 is also the second most expensive car to buy in the used car market, with an average price starting at $ 47,000, preceded only by the Tesla Model X which is priced at around $ 90,000.

tesla model x
tesla model x

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Tesla Model 3 prices: used and new

And the Tesla Model 3 the most sold and used has a higher value than the new one. So let’s find out the prices of the various cars through the official Tesla.com website Price of the used Model 3 Head of 2019 with over 26 thousand km traveled starts from a value of 46,100 dollars. A new Tesla Model 3, on the other hand, starts at a price of $ 39,940.

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Tesla cars: used and new prices compared

Let’s discover the other models Tesla at what prices are between used and new on the official website:


  • Tesla Model S: starting at $ 54,800;
  • Tesla Model X: starting at $ 83,500;
  • Tesla Model Y: Starting at $ 71,300.

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  • Tesla Model S: starting at $ 88,740;
  • Tesla Model X: starting at $ 98,940;
  • Tesla Model Y: Starting at $ 53,940.

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