Tesla-branded premium AirPower clone

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform

Tesla has just released its latest fast charger. It’s not for your car, it’s for your iPhone and other Qi devices – and it’s completely different.

After preview reviews earlier this year, we finally got a chance to take a close look at Tesla’s first multi-device wireless charger.

It joins other oddities from Tesla like a desktop cable management solution or a portable wireless charger. Like others, it aims to expand the Tesla brand as a premium accessory.

In total, it can charge up to three devices at up to 15W each and is large enough to hold two plus or max size iPhones.

Dark, menacing aesthetic

This Tesla charger is almost the exact opposite of Apple’s design language. Everything is dark, thoughtfully black, from the power adapter to the cable and the mat itself.

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform Power Supply

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform Power Supply

While other manufacturers are removing chargers from their products, Tesla has decided to include them in its wireless charger. Not just a charger, but a Tesla designed one that you won’t find anywhere else.

It has sharp corners like the Cyber ​​Truck and can put out 65W of power. We’d have preferred one with foldable pins or an extra USB output, but it would have been nice to have one Tesla-style included.

Tesla wireless charging platform and charger in the box

Tesla wireless charging platform and charger in the box

When you open the box, you can see the charging pad next to the power adapter located inside and on the display. When you lift the charging pad, you will immediately notice its weight.

It’s all aluminum, giving it extra weight, though the rough texture can give it a light plastic look. The underside has silicone guides that hold it in place and grooves where the stand fits together.

The stand, also aluminum, is connected by magnets. Silicone, grooves, weight and magnets ensure a secure fit without any screws, clips or moving parts.

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform Magnetic Stand

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform Magnetic Stand

If you use the stand, it will support the charger at a slight angle, easily placing it on a table or nightstand to view your devices. Lower the stand, if desired, and it will lie almost flat.

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform Status Indicator.

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform Status Indicator.

When the device is placed in the charger, the status indicator lights up. The light comes on bright to let you know the device has started charging, but then dims.

The light also points down a little, which is useful if you place it by the bed so that the light doesn’t fall on your face.

Subtle Tesla logo

Subtle Tesla logo

Finally, there is a subtle Tesla logo on the front. It’s a glossy black logo on a matte black body that doesn’t stand out, but if you’re looking for it, it’s there.

Like AirPower, but it exists

What immediately sets Tesla’s wireless charger apart is that it’s a free Qi charger, akin to Apple’s failed AirPower. You can place your phone almost anywhere on its surface and it will start charging.

Charging at any angle

Charge your devices anywhere

The charger uses the Freepower technology we first saw in the ill-fated Pro base station. Shortly after the release of the Base Station Pro, Apple introduced MagSafe.

Apple MagSafe uses a set of magnets that interfered with Freepower technology and caused iPhone 12 devices to charge too slowly over a large surface. Since then, Freepower has been working hard to work well with MagSafe.

Tesla's wireless charging platform uses copper coils.

Tesla’s wireless charging platform uses multiple copper coils.

This new charger gets rid of those initial issues and works flawlessly with any MagSafe phone, non-MagSafe phone, or Qi device. In doing so, he moved away from the PCB to a more traditional copper coil layout.

The whole idea here is that you don’t have to align your device for maximum charging speed. Drop your phone, headphones, or power bank and you’ll be instantly charged.

Charging iPhone on Tesla Wireless Charging Platform.

Charging iPhone on Tesla Wireless Charging Platform.

When using a standard Qi charger, any deviation from the center can drastically reduce charging speed and efficiency. Free power alleviates these problems.

Two sets of AirPods on a Tesla charger

Two sets of AirPods on a Tesla charger

However, for iPhone users, MagSafe will still be the more attractive option. MagSafe can go up to 15W of charging, while the Tesla Wireless Charging Station limits it to 7.5W for iPhones (non-iPhone can go up to 15W).

Should you buy a Tesla wireless charger?

As good as Tesla’s wireless charging platform is, it still has significant drawbacks. For many iPhone users, this will still be a tough buy.

Functionally, it works flawlessly. It has so many little things, like a flat cable that can be routed through a magnetic stand, a status light that dims to be unobtrusive, and a massive charging surface that holds up to three devices.

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform

Tesla wireless charging platform with three devices

There’s something slightly liberating about literally dropping your gear on the surface and knowing it’ll recharge without having to think about it. For multi-platform households with some Android devices, this might be the perfect solution.

There are currently no other free wireless chargers that work the same as Tesla’s.

However, if you’re fully committed to the Apple ecosystem, MagSafe is likely to be your best bet. You can get twice the charging speed for an iPhone, and the magnetic alignment still ensures you don’t have to queue your phone to charge.

The price is also high here, probably due to the Tesla logo on the front. $300 is a lot for a charger.

This is arguably the most beautiful and high quality charger we have tested, with unique features and premium materials. It’s just hard to recommend wholeheartedly.

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform


Incredibly durable all-metal construction Highest quality possible Free surface High speed charging USB-C charging cradle included Optional magnetic stand


Not as fast as MagSafe Cable is non-removable USB-C power adapter may be superfluous

Rating: 3.5 out of 5