Tennis legends appreciate the reaction of Iga ¦wiątek. “This must end” Tennis

– I feel that as the current leader of tennis in the world, I cannot remain silent about certain matters – Iga Świątek wrote in her social media. In this way, she reacted to the shocking allegations against the president of the Polish Tennis Association, Mirosław Skrzypczyński. The activist is suspected of for sexual harassment of minors. A few weeks ago, the Onet portal published the first of several articles revealing what Mirosław Skrzypczyński, the president of the Polish Tennis Association, was supposed to have done in the past. The activist had use violence against young tennis players and sexually harass them. He also reportedly abused his own family.

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Applause and words of appreciation for Iga Świątek from the legendary tennis players

The PZT scandal became loud all over the world, and Iga Świątek’s statement reached even tennis legends – Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova, who commented on it on Twitter.

– I just read it. Well done Iga for using her social media profile to speak out about violence against women, not just in tennis but in every other field. This must stop,” wrote Chris Evert, 18-time Grand Slam winner.

In turn, Navratilova, who won Grand Slam tournaments 15 times, quoted the Polish tweet and added an applause icon to it, which shows her approval of Świątek’s words.

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Skrzypczyński is no longer the president of PZT

The pressure makes sense. After many weeks, comments and discussions, Mirosław Skrzypczyński resigned on Thursday, November 24, as president of the Polish Tennis Association. He was succeeded by the current vice-president of the management board, Dariusz Łukaszewski. You can read more about it in this text.

At the same time, Skrzypczyński still remains on the board of PZT, as reported by Adam Romer, editor-in-chief of the Tenisklub magazine. – I spoke with the new president of PZT, Dariusz Łukaszewski. Skrzypczyński is still a member of the board of PZT! “We will make further decisions after the findings of the commission we have appointed.” So nothing changes, and the man with serious allegations is still in the PZT authorities, Romer informed.

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