Tenda launches the new AX5400 router: a pair of 589 yuan

Fast Technology News on May 26, today, Tenda launched the AX5400 Wi-Fi 6 router, the model is EM15 Pro, and it costs 589 yuan for a pair of two. It is reported that this router is equipped with Broadcom’s 1.5GHz triple-core chip. With the help of the new chip, the data processing performance has been significantly improved. The dual-band concurrent rate is as high as 5378Mbps, which is 80% higher than that of AX3000 and 258% higher than that of AX1500. The router will support 160MHz large bandwidth and superimposed 4-way data transmission and reception, which is twice as fast as ordinary home routers. When connected to devices that support 160MHz bandwidth, the channel width is doubled and the networking speed is doubled. At the same time, the built-in antenna design is matched with 6 high-power signal enhancement modules, which not only ensures the online appearance, but also ensures that the signal strength does not attenuate. In other respects, the new AX5400 router will support the Mesh networking function, which can be connected to the same model of products to form a network. It supports up to 9 routers in parallel. The installation can be completed in 3 minutes to form a whole-house network to provide uninterrupted Wi-Fi coverage.