Tango Gameworks celebrates the next milestone

“Ghostwire Tokyo” from Tango Gameworks has reached another milestone and exceeded the next million mark. The team would like to thank all players with an artwork and wishes you continued fun with the game.

Last June we reported that “Gostwire Tokyo” had surpassed five million players. A few months later, Tango Gameworks’ title has taken a big step forward.


Bethesda’s X Channel celebrates another milestone with six million players, meaning the number of players continues to grow.

“6 million players have already explored the spooky streets of Ghostwire Tokyo,” the post reads. “We would like to thank you all and hope you continue to have fun with the game.”

The number of players in “Gostwire Tokyo” does not equate to sales. Because the title is there in the PlayStation Plus Extra library and can also be downloaded via Xbox Game Pass, giving millions of players access to it without having to pay anything beyond the subscription fees.

Xbox Series X/S version after PS5 exclusivity

Originally released in March 2022 for the PlayStation 5 and PC, “Ghostwire: Tokyo” was initially available as a console exclusive on the PlayStation system for a year. Although sales initially remained limited, continued growth in the number of players was recorded. In April 2023, a version for Xbox Series X/S was added, which gave another boost.


In our test, “Ghostwire Tokyo” achieved a rating of 7.5 and was therefore somewhat convincing. The setting was particularly positive, with a mix of Japanese mythology and ghost stories as well as the unique atmosphere of a mega-metropolis.

The complete test from PLAY3.DE, which also includes all sorts of negative points, you can read through it here.

Older reports about Ghostwire Tokyo:

It is unlikely that any games from Tango Gameworks will be released for PlayStation systems in the future. Because the studio became part of the Microsoft Group through the takeover of Bethesda, which has repeatedly proven that exclusive releases are are the ultimate goal.

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