Takara Tomy to Release “Tomica Premium Unlimited Mini 4WD Avante Jr.” in Collaboration with “Mini 4WD” and “Tomica” in Mid-January 2024

Takara Tomy <7867> is a die-cast miniature car “Tomica” from the “Tomica Premium Unlimited” series for adults with the theme of movies, anime, comics, and dramas. Two types of “Premium Unlimited Mini 4WD Avante Jr.” will be released in mid-January 2024.

In addition, “Takara Tomy Mall” will start accepting reservations from Thursday, November 30, 2023.


In addition, this series has already released the second installment of the comic anime “Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & Go!” It has been decided that two of the main character machines that appear in the movie will be made into Tomicas (scheduled for release next spring).

“Mini 4WD Avante Jr.” is the most sold mini 4WD of all time, and is said to be a legendary machine that symbolizes the mini 4WD boom, and the comic “Moro! Avante Brothers” (Shogakukan “Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic”) (published in 1989).

This series is available in two colors: the bright blue “Avante Jr.” and the special color “Avante Jr. Black Special”, and the die-cast body is fully painted to reproduce the design of the machine as much as possible. , equipped with a rotating roller action, and paying homage to the package design of the Mini 4WD at the time of its release, we aimed to create a finish that would satisfy even the Mini 4WD fans who were obsessively playing with it at the time.

“Tomica Premium Unlimited”, with the theme of movies, anime, comics, and dramas, was born in November 2021 as a series that “adults can get excited about” with infinite possibilities. The lineup includes products that will please not only adults who used to play with Tomica, but also fans of the works themselves, and have been well received.


By combining Tamiya’s products with Tomica, which share the commonalities of “car hobby” and “long-selling brands that have been loved for a long time,” this collaboration will bring together “fans of each brand and adults who used to play with each other.” This was realized with the hope that people would be interested in the brand.

About the first product

The legendary machine “Avante Jr.” is now available in Tomica! The rotating action of the rollers is also reproduced!

The legendary machine “Avante Jr.”, which symbolized the mini 4WD boom of the late 1980s, and the special color “Avante Jr. Black Special” are expressed in Tomica. The machine design is reproduced as much as possible by placing the logo on the die-cast body with full painting without stickers, and it is also equipped with a rotating roller action that plays an important role in mini 4WD.

In addition, the product packaging uses a “covered box” design that pays homage to the Mini 4WD packaging of the time. The “cover box” is a rare package not found in Tomica’s current lineup.

▲Actual “Mini 4WD Avante Jr.” and product packaging at the time

Release date: Mid-January 2024
Suggested retail price: 1,430 yen each (tax included)
Product size: W43mm x H24mm x D64mm
Target age: 6 years old and above
Copyright notice: © TOMY ©TAMIYA
Official website: www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/tomica/sp/tamiya/
Available at: Toy specialty stores nationwide, toy departments of department stores and mass retailers, Tomica specialty stores “Tomica Shop”,
Internet shop, Takara Tomy official shopping site “Takara Tomy Mall” (takaratomymall.jp/)etc

・”Tomica Premium Unlimited Mini 4WD Avante Jr.” (left photo)
・”Tomica Premium Unlimited Mini 4WD Avante Jr. Black Special” (photo right)


▲Reproduce the product packaging and machine design as much as possible!

Scheduled to be released next spring “Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & Go!!” ‘ Tomica

The second edition is “Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & Go!!” which has become very popular after developing comics and anime. (The manga has been serialized in Shogakukan’s Monthly CoroCoro Comic since 1994, and the anime has been broadcast on TV Tokyo since 1996) It has been decided that two of the main character machines that appear in the series will be made into Tomicas. It is scheduled to be released next spring.

*Details will be available on the official website (www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/tomica/sp/tamiya/) Information is scheduled to be released.