[Switch] switch_AIO_LS_pack 5.9.0 available – News and updates posted on LS

The pack switch_AIO_LS_pack continues its developments and moves to version 5.9.0 – Frisco.

As a reminder, this pack contains everything you need to hack all Switches that can launch a hack, taking into account as many possible configurations as possible.
Integrated homebrew AIO_LS_pack_Updater allows you to install/update the pack, the firmware and do a whole bunch of other things directly via the console (installation/update of the pack not recommended on EXFAT SDs due to possible data corruption with this format). The Beta mode of the application allows you to have the latest developments of the pack or the AIO_LS_pack_Updater homebrew, however these versions may be unstable.









Since this news the developments are as follows:

– Changelog for version 5.9.0:

  • Latest compatible firmware updated to 18.0.0.
  • Bootlogo updated to work on firmware 18.0.0.
  • Patches for updated themes for firmware 18.0.0.
  • Deleting files that are no longer needed, the Windows cleaning script will also delete them but the homebrew AIO_LS_pack_Updater will not do it, this is not serious in itself.
  • Updated Atmosphere, Hekate, Lockpick-RCM, Sys-patch, SimpleModDownloader and Haku33 to the latest version of these.
  • Changes to Hekate's configurations.
  • Updated the TegraExplorer script serving as a toolbox to correct a small bug in the restoration of a PRODINFO created via ProdinfoGen.
  • Updated AIO_LS_pack_Updater with the following changes for version 6.50.00:
    • Added the ability to remove parental controls.
    • Slightly reworked menu display.
    • Slight modifications to Hekate's configs integrated into homebrew.
    • Some other minor fixes.

– Changelog for version 5.8.0:

  • Deleting modules via the cleanup script will also delete what is in the “atmosphere/kips” folder.
  • Updated DBI, Status-Monitor-Overlay and NXMP to the latest version of these.
  • Change in AIO-Switch-Updater and FastCFWSwitch configurations.
  • Updated tutorials.
  • Updated AIO_LS_pack_Updater with the following changes for version 6.40.00:
    • Added user validation during pack installation, now the user must confirm that they are using a FAT32 formatted SD to continue. Please note, this is not checked by homebrew afterwards, it rather serves as a warning.
    • Deleting modules also deletes what is in the “atmosphere/kips” folder.
    • Fixed errors in displayed messages.
    • Changes to be able to compile with the latest updates to the development environment.

Note: To process the particular problems of launching the sysnand in firmware 17.0.0 It's very simple with this pack. Once the pack is installed on the SD, we boot under Hekate (with a chip it will do itself), when the very first logo is displayed, we press “vol-” to cancel the auto-boot set in Hekate by default in my pack, we click on “launch” and finally on “Atmosphere sysnand”, once the system is launched we can turn off the console and that's it, the sysnand will then work again as before.

Do not hesitate to give your feedback, whether positive or negative, it will be welcome, as will reporting bugs or proposing improvements, it is also a good way to participate in the scene and bring to life projects.

For details of changelogs, download and instructions for installing and using the pack, go to this page what's happening.

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