[Switch] switch_AIO_LS_pack 5.11.0 available – News and updates posted on LS

The pack switch_AIO_LS_pack continues its developments and moves to version 5.11.0.

As a reminder, this pack contains everything you need to hack all Switches that can launch a hack, taking into account as many possible configurations as possible.
Integrated homebrew AIO_LS_pack_Updater allows you to install/update the pack, the firmware and do a whole bunch of other things directly via the console (installation/update of the pack not recommended on EXFAT SDs due to possible data corruption with this format).
The Beta mode of the application allows you to have the latest developments of the pack or the AIO_LS_pack_Updater homebrew, however these versions may be unstable.









Since this news the developments are as follows:

– Changelog for version 5.11.0:

  • Latest compatible firmware updated to 18.1.0.
  • Updated Atmosphere, Hekate and SimpleModDownloader to the latest version of these.
  • The Sys-patch module has been updated to work on the latest version of Atmosphere because its Loader module has been modified, causing ldr_patches to malfunction.

Note: To process particular problems launching sysnand in firmware 17.0.0 and higher It's very simple with this pack. Once the pack is installed on the SD, we boot under Hekate (with a chip it will do itself), when the very first logo is displayed, we press “vol-” to cancel the auto-boot set in Hekate by default in my pack, we click on “launch” and finally on “Atmosphere sysnand”, once the system is launched we can turn off the console and that's it, the sysnand will then work again as before.

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