Surviving winter in Project Zomboid: the mini tutorial

In Project Zomboid, survival is the key word.The winters are harsh and require adequate preparation to hope to pass this period without incident.In this article, you will find tips and tricks to prepare yourself well and face winter successfully.

Stock up on food

To survive the winter, it is imperative to have a good supply of food.Indeed, resources will be limited and travel more difficult.Here are some ideas for food to harvest:

  • Storing non-perishable foods: pasta, rice, preserves, etc.They will have a much longer shelf life than fresh produce and will keep you going for several weeks.
  • Hunting and fishing: you can hunt and fish to get meat or fish.Consider smoking, drying or salting them to increase their shelf life.
  • Stock up before winter arrives: when the harvest season approaches, take the opportunity to collect as many fruits and vegetables as possible and preserve them (by canning them, for example).

Find safe and warm shelter

A good shelter is essential to spend the winter warm and safe.Here are some tips for choosing the best location:

  • Choose isolated buildings: this will keep you away from the hordes of zombies that move around frequently during this time.
  • Choose a well-insulated location: check that the walls, windows and doors are in good condition and provide good thermal insulation.You can also improve the insulation by adding thick curtains to the windows.
  • Possibility of heating: make sure your shelter has a means of heating, such as a fireplace or wood stove.Remember to store enough fuel (wood, coal) to last all winter.

Keep the heat inside the shelter

It is important to keep the heat inside your shelter to avoid getting cold and getting sick.Here are some tips to achieve this:

  1. Close all the shutters and draw the curtains to limit heat loss.
  2. Block drafts with blankets or clothing.
  3. Open the windows only to ventilate quickly and avoid condensation.

Prepare for lack of light

During the winter, the days are shorter and the nights longer.It is therefore essential to equip yourself accordingly:

  • Battery lamps: remember to stock up on batteries and have several flashlights available.
  • Candles: they can be used both to illuminate and to heat a room when needed.Stock up enough to last through the winter.
  • Generator: if you have a generator, make sure it is working properly and that you have enough fuel to power your electrical appliances.

Adapt your lifestyle

With the lack of light, it may be necessary to adapt your pace of life to make the most of the hours of sunshine:

  1. Sleep more at night and be active during the day.
  2. Organize your schedule to carry out activities requiring light during clear hours.

Occupy the long winter evenings

When the days get shorter, it is important to find occupations to pass the time in a pleasant and useful way:

  • Read books : take advantage of this period to cultivate yourself and learn new skills.
  • Tinker: winter is the perfect time to repair or craft useful items for your survival.Remember to collect tools during your explorations.
  • Cook : experiment with new recipes with the food you have stored, this can be a good way to have fun while eating.

By following these tips and tricks, you should be ready to face winter in Project Zomboid and increase your chances of survival.Remember that preparation is the key to success!