Supergiant Games reveals update plans for “Hades II” Early Access: Improvements and balance adjustments reported

The long-awaited early access launch of “HADES II'', a numbered sequel to the masterpiece action rogue-like that has already received extremely high praise, has high expectations for future efforts and improvements towards the completion of the commercial version. Meanwhile, Supergiant Games has newly opened its Steam page.updateWe announced our plans and some details regarding our first major update.

Supergiant Games reports that the first patch (not a technical hotfix) is expected to arrive at the end of May and will reduce the frustration of not having the tools you need when gathering resources. This includes improvements to the nimbleness and responsiveness of Melinoe's dash and sprint, as well as several other functional improvements and fixes, and a detailed patch note will be released before release.


Furthermore, in addition to the initial balance adjustments that have been made since the first update, a second small patch that will apply short-term improvements and fixes will be released shortly after the first update. After that, it has been revealed that they will focus on developing a major content update that is expected to be released in the next few months.


The first sequel in the history of Supergiant Games, this work depicts the story of the underworld of Greek mythology, with a deep connection to the birth of magic. Developing the popular elements of the previous work, which became a “divine” roguelike dungeon adventure, this time it is an all-new, action-packed experience that you can enjoy endless re-challenges.

Beyond the underworld

Become an underworld princess with the power of immortality and explore a mythical world that has grown in scale and depth. Backed by the mighty divine power of the gods of Olympus, defeat the armies of the giant god of time. After many defeats and victories, epic stories will be unraveled one after another.

Learn black magic

Use ancient magic to strengthen the legendary weapons given to you by the Night Mother, and forge them into something that can withstand any enemy. It is possible to receive merit from more than 12 Olympian gods, from Apollo to Zeus, and become even more powerful. The patterns of ability enhancement are almost infinite.

Interact with (more) gods, the dead, and monsters

Dozens of unique characters appear in full English voice. In addition to familiar faces, there are also many new faces. Use a variety of newly added actions to deepen your friendships and experience countless story events that change as your journey unfolds.

A new adventure every time you try again

New areas, challenges, upgrade systems… Unpredictability awaits you as you venture beyond the ever-changing underworld. Aim to achieve your goals by solving the mysteries of the “Mysterious Altar”, taming your familiars, and collecting “magical materials” using the “Tools of the Unseen”.

boon of immortality

It also features various upgrades that will not be lost even if you are defeated, as well as the familiar God Mode from the previous game. “HADES II” is designed so that you can enjoy it even if you are not a “god”. Of course, players who boast divine strength can take on more difficult trials and aim for highly satisfying rewards.

“Supergiant style”

Supergiant's unique style is alive and well in this work, combining carefully crafted atmospheric production and story development with fast-paced action. Newly created colorful hand-painted backgrounds, real-time 3D characters with even smoother behavior, and an original, emotional soundtrack bring the mythical world to life.

Scheduled to be released in early access

During the production of our previous game, “HADES,'' it was extremely beneficial to receive feedback from players at key points in the development process. We plan to go through a similar process for this game once it reaches a certain stage of development. Be sure to add HADES II to your wishlist so you don't miss out on the release of the early access version.

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