Subnautica – Performance and Graphical comparison on PS4, PS5 and Switch

subnautica ps4 vs ps5

Youtuber ElAnalistaDeBits has tested the PS4, PS5 and Switch versions of Subnautica and here are the highlights from the analysis.

  • The PS5 version is the nextgen version, it does not work with backward compatibility.
  • Improved downloads on PS5, however, they are not as fast compared to other games. On Switch, downloads are faster than on PS4.
subnautica ps4 vs ps5 vs switch
  • Water quality is slightly lower on the Switch version. There seems to be no difference between PS4 and PS5.
  • The PS4 is 1080p, the Switch is 900p. There are 2 graphics mods on the PS5, but both run at 1080p.
subnautica ps4 vs ps5
  • On PS5 in quality mode, ambient occlusion, antialiasing, reflections were improved and v-sync was activated with a 30fps limit.
  • PS5 is disabled in performance mode v-sync, picture tearing occurs.
  • On the Switch, performance can drop as low as 20fps depending on the biome. Overall performance is unstable.
  • Shadows on Switch have been removed. Shadows are improved on PS5 over PS4.
  • The draw distance is the same on PS4 and PS5. On Switch, it is significantly less.
  • The textures are the same on PS4 / PS5. On Switch, their resolution is lower.

Here is another video showing the graphical comparison of Subnautica on Xbox One and Switch.

The rendering on Switch is surprisingly smoother and less noticeable than on the Xbox One, but the draw range on the Switch is poor. And the main component of the whole game is water, it looks great on both consoles. Also, the stations shown in the video have quite strong problems with the frame rate on the hybrid, and at the same time, the graphically the station in the portable does not differ much from the Xbox.

In any case, Switch, although inferior to the older one, is still the first worthy project with a huge open world and for the incredible work done one can only praise the development team.

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