Streamer defeats Elden Ring DLC ​​with one hand

If our characters can fight one-handed, so can we!

If our characters can fight one-handed, so can we!


It should be no secret that Elden Ring is a very difficult game. Soulslikes are of course intentionally designed so that players are constantly pushed to their limits. The Elden Ring DLC ​​Shadow of the Erdtree is no exception, but even goes one step further than the main game. The bosses are harder, death more merciless. But that wasn't enough for one streamer.

Streamer plays through Shadow of the Erdtree with only one hand

BioticNova is the name, Elden Ring veteran is the calling. The English-speaking streamer is a real Souls expert and has already mastered some impressive challenges in her streams. Her latest masterpiece is Defeating Shadow of the Erdtree at level 1 – and one-handed.

That alone is remarkable. The controls in Soulslikes are enough to make some people give up even with two hands. BioticNova managed to complete the Elden Ring DLC ​​not only one-handed, but also with an unleveled character. So she even defeated the final boss with a level 1 character.

She writes about this on X (formerly Twitter). Warning, spoilers for the final battle!


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I finished my Level 1 one-handed DLC run in Elden Ring today! All main bosses were defeated! Unfortunately I didn't have a donut for the final boss…

In the video, BioticNova shows what she's made of. She knows all of the opponent's attack patterns and knows exactly when windows open in which she can strike with as little risk as possible.

With targeted counterattacks, she manages to stun the boss and land important, critical hits. There is hardly any room for error. Just a glance at her own life bar reveals that every blow she takes is potentially fatal. But the streamer is not impressed by this and confidently takes the victory. We can only take our helmets off in front of this performance!

If you liked this clip, you will also be interested in BioticNova's Twitch ChannelThere you will find not only the complete one-handed SotE run but also other exciting challenges in other Soulslikes, such as Dark Souls and Sekiro.