Stream: Enlisted – Digging African sands in the “Battle of Tunisia” MBT, Meet the new items of update 0.2.0

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Started in the open spaces of the first-person shooter about World War II Enlisted, “Battle of Tunisia” has entered the stage of open beta testing, and therefore we invite everyone to join NAPREDELE, which will visit Africa again to get acquainted with the new content update 0.2.0 and at the same time continue to pump the levels of the campaign.

The live broadcast will begin at 18:00 Moscow time. As usual, you can watch it in this newsletter or on our Twitch channel.


“Enlisted is a World War II multiplayer shooter in which you play as the commander of an infantry squad, a tank crew, or a pilot. Weapons, soldiers’ uniforms, appearance and technical capabilities in the game correspond to historical facts. Dozens of squads with different specializations take part in the battles of Enlisted at the same time. This ensures maximum density and spectacularity of the battle while maintaining a high contribution of each participant to the victory of the team ”.



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