Stellar Blade: To get you in the mood for the upcoming release

This month the action title “Stellar Blade” developed by Shift Up will be released exclusively for the PS5. To get you in the mood for the upcoming release, a new trailer is available to view, which puts the protagonist Eve in the right light.

With the action title “Stellar Blade”, PS5 owners will have the next promising exclusive title in just a few weeks.


In order to sweeten the waiting time until the release a little, PlayStation and the responsible development studio Shift Up have provided another trailer for you to view. This focuses on the protagonist Eve, who takes up the fight against the Naytiba in “Stellar Blade”.

With the Naytiba we are dealing with a hostile alien race that launched a large-scale invasion of Earth and devastated the blue planet.

Demo is available for download

If you want to get hands-on and get a feel for what “Stellar Blade” has to offer before its release, then wait in the PlayStation Store a demo on you. Here you can play the tutorial and a mission. Provided you have an active PlayStation Plus membership, you can download and play the trial version for free. Otherwise, due to the USK rating, 0.25 euros will be due.

Just like the full version of “Stellar Blade”, the demo offers you three different display modes. While the resolution mode aims for a display in 4K and 30FPS, the performance mode offers a display in 60 frames per second at 1440p. The final point is the “Balanced” mode with a dynamic resolution and a frame rate of up to 60FPS.


A technical analysis revealed what the “Stellar Blade” demo has to offer in terms of performance. We have this one here All the important details summarized for you.

Developers also think about newbies

In terms of play, “Stellar Blade” is an action title in which the most important thing is your reactions and the right strategy in battle. In February, the makers of Shift Up announced that they were also thinking about newcomers who had little experience with action titles of this type.

“And there are other support features to help you in battles. Even if you are an action game lover but not that skilled, you can still enjoy the game. That’s how we designed it,” game director Hyung-Tae Kim told us in an interview with Play3.

“Stellar Blade” will be released on April 26, 2024 for the PS5.

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