SteamWorld Build: New DLC Mechanized announced

The Wild West in Steam World Build is about to get a bit wilder: the mix of city-building simulation and real-time strategy is being refreshed with a DLC.


SteamWorld Build Mechanized is the name of the upcoming additional package and promises to decorate the game with a number of small extras. Above all, a powerful companion who will ensure your escort through the mine.

A new best friend in the SteamWorld Build mine

In the December 2023 Thunderful present the new offshoot of their SteamWorld series SteamWorld Build. Once again they made a genre change, this time towards a construction strategy. The aim of the current title is to help hard-working robots generate enough resources so that they can turn their backs on their home planet. You can now find it on Steam announcement of fresh bonus content.


In SteamWorld Build Mechanized DLC, a mighty colossus joins your squad of robot friends: accompany you as the star of the expansion the mech during exploration tours in the mine to clear the way. So meet her tricky puzzles in the new sections Underground, the mech quickly provides relief through its raw power. His metallic punch is also impressive. This is what happens to you when you fight against one new enemy called Abomination, who lurks in dark pits.

But in the mine not only new company awaits you, but also new stuff. Among other things, the game is refined with features such as lasers, additional blocks and various machinery. Something is also happening in daylight, because this will soon be possible here Mech Center can be built that your mech can go to for upgrades.

The release of the SteamWorld Build Mechanized DLC was announced a few days earlier for the April 4, 2024 announced. Players on PC, Xbox or PlayStation can look forward to a very short countdown. As soon as this expires, the price is also revealed. However, given the cost of 24.99 euros for the main game, this can already be narrowed down. Incidentally, Thunderful has not yet commented on a release on the Switch. Nintendo fans will therefore likely have to expect longer waiting times. Maybe that's it Nintendo Switch Online subscription program until then a consolation.