Steam’s Rocket Launch: Settlers Alternative Transforms into a Bestselling Hit

The settler alternative Pioneers of Pagonia made it straight into the bestseller charts on Steam. The atmospheric, bustling building game is currently causing a storm of enthusiasm in the community.

The early access release of Pioneers of Pagonia on December 13, 2023 almost couldn't have gone better – the much-anticipated construction simulation immediately made it to third place on the Steam bestseller charts and can also look forward to very positive reactions from the community.


Pioneers of Pagonia: Building Sim impresses on Steam

In Pioneers of Pagonia you explore a colorful world full of exciting islands, which you can explore and bring together with your pioneers. You establish contact with the scattered villages, look for valuable raw materials and gradually develop your settlements. The inhabitants of your territories are busy bustling around the screen while you give them important orders.

Check out the trailer for Pioneers of Pagonia here:

Pioneers of Pagonia takes off immediately on Steam – after the first 500 votes cast, the simulation has a very positive player rating. The relaxed gameplay, the cozy atmosphere and the bustling residents are particularly praised by fans. Currently you can the early access version of Pioneers of Pagonia is already available for 25.49 euros instead of 29.99 euros on Steam – the release discount runs until December 27, 2023 (view on Steam).

Steam bestseller: New construction simulation, everyone depends

Shortly after the release, Pioneers of Pagonia secured third place in the charts on Steam. With that leaves the busy building game even attracted well-known competitors like Call of Duty and Baldur's Gate 3 behind them. Even the brand new and extremely realistic tactical shooter Ready or Not doesn't come close despite the release hype. (Source: Steam)