Steam to offer Rockstar’s biggest GTA failure at a 50% discount

Rockstar Games probably didn't do itself any favors with the new edition of the GTA trilogy. The bundle was massively buggy, especially at release, and fell far short of players' expectations. The developers have now smoothed things over with a few updates. If you want, you can get the collection for 29.99 euros on Steam.

GTA trilogy was a disaster when it was released

Even if the Definitive Edition of the GTA Trilogy has poured a lot of money into publisher Take-Two's coffers, the new bundle edition could cost the company dearly. Because in the first few months the fans were anything but enthusiastic about the revised version that was offered to them.


Not only were there a number of bugs that sometimes made the game unplayable – there was also the fact that the graphical improvements were limited and sometimes even destroy the style of the originalsangered many fans.

Steam sale: GTA trilogy drastically reduced

At least the developers have made improvements and thanks to a few updates the biggest errors and problems have been eliminated, so that GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas are now solidly playable. This is also reflected in the current reviews on Steam. At least 71 percent of the recent reviews for GTA 3 are positive. In Vice City it's even 79 percent and in San Andreas it's at least 70 percent.

If you didn't play the old games back then and now want to catch up on the PC, can currently save 50 percent on purchases on Steam. Because the bundle of all three games is currently available for 29.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros to buy. The campaign is still ongoing until February 22, 2024. By the way, the GTA parts cannot be purchased individually.

Good to know: If you're a Netflix subscriber, you can currently play the Definitive Edition of the GTA trilogy for free – but only on your smartphone.


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