Steam is giving away 2 Free FPS games – LSD: Prologue to Lasting Spiritual Derangement and Steel Salvo

Steam is giving away two free first-person shooter games. The first is about hallucinations, and the second is about robots.

Steam is giving away 2 free FPS games. There are only 2 games this time, but they are both really interesting. One about hallucinations, the other about robots.

LSD: Prologue to Lasting Spiritual Derangement is a game about a hero who must fly across mysterious hallucinogenic worlds. In one, he’ll use a sword to battle dragons, and in the other, he’ll shoot down UFOs and multi-meter giants. Is it dreams, alternate realities, or a mental illness? The game’s prologue is free to download. Steam page.

LSD: Prologue to Lasting Spiritual Derangement is already out on PC and Mac.


Steel Salvo is a First-person combat shooter that lets you drive a huge mech. You have to fight different enemies – from spider robots to humanoid machines and whole flocks of drones. At the same time, the game is made in good cartoon graphics. Steam page.

Steel Salvo is out now on PC.

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