Steam Hit: Universe-Based Open-World Survival Game Experiences Significant Reduction

One of the most infamous games of all is reduced on Steam – and everyone should probably try this science fiction game once. So why not now?

No Man's Sky at half price – including 31 notable updates

Some people only know No Man's Sky as the game that everyone once hated. But others have known for several years that this is the case Science fiction survival epic now offers so much new content and improvements that No Man's Sky actually has nothing to do with the release version anymore.


You can get the Survival Craft universe for half price on Steam right now, for 29.49 euros (view on Steam). The discount is valid until April 8th.

Check out the anniversary trailer for No Man's Sky:

New planets, new aliens, new secrets and more

Over the last few years, No Man's Sky has been like this lots of free content updates get that you could fill a small book with all the changes. Big notable updates like Interceptor and Echoes overlap each other and have new ones Robotic creatures and a mysterious one Planetary disease added, velvet new story missions. Other updates bring special expeditions into the game that can only be completed for a limited period of time.

And still other updates have taken care of all the community's wishes as much as possible. The brand new update Orbital for example has completely redesigned the space stations in the game: There are new space stationsnew ship types and changes to trading and guilds (source: release log on the official homepage).


No Man's Sky is now much, much more than the release version. Nevertheless, the foundation of the game still exists Survival, Collecting resources, Base and fleet construction and exploring one mysterious space. You don't have to expect a story game, but No Man's Sky probably never wanted to be that.

No Man's Sky was originally released in 2016 and can now be played on almost all consoles and PCs.