Steam gives a great game, free for a few days!

Great news for all of us video game fans. On Steam there is an air of celebration again, thanks to a free game that has unique qualities on its side

Great opportunity for many players who, for a limited time, will be able to enjoy some games totally free and that will amaze you in a very positive way. This is an initiative carried out within the Steam Store, in which the absolute protagonist is one of the most popular games ever for you for free.

Steam offers free play (source Steam)

More than once in fact we have found ourselves faced with similar proposals in which, the famous digital platform, gave the possibility to users to download completely free some games. This time around it seems to be the turn of a title that can only be redeemed for a specific period of time, and that is really worth it. On Steam Deck we read about how GoW runs better than on PS5.

Steam offers you a free JRPG game

Incredibly, the platform also has presented Shrek 5 without the game still existing. But what game is it currently on promotion? The title that, over the last few hours, has been made available on the Steam platform is Get in The Car, Loser! It is a JRPG that goes beyond all the patterns that we have come to know and that describe this type of title. This is a game made by the developers of Love Conquers All Gamesand which sees within it an artistic style made of Pixel Art. In which there is no lack of very meticulous and colorful details.

Steam offers free play
Steam offers free game (source twitter)

It is a game which also sees numerous inside current issuesstarting from trying to defeat evil to issues concerning the world LGBTQIA +. And so the four heroines protagonists will have to defeat numerous enemies and be able to overcome every obstacle to try to know their deepest self.

In some parts, the player even has the feeling of playing one Animated Graphic Novel. An adventure featuring turn-based combat. Get in the game, but by May 24 to access the title for free.

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