Steam Deck – Have you ordered your “portable gaming PC”? You will receive it on time

If you placed an order on Steam Deck and were concerned that Valve would postpone the delivery date for the second time – most likely you can rest easy.

Valve announced in the January update that nothing should threaten the Steam Deck’s premiere scheduled for February. This means that the first people to place an order for a “portable gaming computer” will receive it in the coming weeks. Everyone else who wants to buy their copy of the new gaming platform will have to wait until the second half of this year. Valve announces that the ordering option will only be restored after the second quarter.

Steam Deck will go to buyers as recently announced. If you have placed an order, expect the shipment by the end of February.

Steam Deck was originally scheduled for release last year, but Valve was forced to postpone the release date. On the one hand, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, delaying e.g. semiconductor delivery, and on the other because the developers wanted to have additional time to refine the SteamOS operating system. Valve seems to be in the final stages of development on the software. Currently, its compatibility with the device is being tested. In turn, game developers receive development kits so that they can check how their creations work on Steam Deck. Each title that passes the test will be marked “Deck Verified”.

Steam Deck is what the developers call “portable gaming computer”. The equipment will allow mobile play with all games available in the Steam catalog (not counting individual cases, at least on the day of release). Importantly, all records will be stored in the cloud. So we will continue the game started on PC on Steam Deck and vice versa. Valve’s “portable gaming PC” will see the light of day in three capacitive versions: 64 GB (eMMC), 256 GB (SSD) and 512 GB (SSD).

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