Steam Deck can be used as a PC controller

Steam Deck can be used as a PC controller

Discussions on topics such as politics and religion tend to bring out the worst in people. Despite this, it is still a fart in the cosmos compared to talking mouse / keyboard vs controllers. It is a poisonous swamp that can turn best friends into enemies for life.

Even though we have no solutions there, we still think it is quite uncontroversial to say that there are some genres where the mouse is always better (like RTS) and this also applies to hand controls (like platform games). And if you want to play a decent platform game for PC but have no controller – it turns out that the upcoming Steam Deck may be a solution.

The device official FAQ clearly explains that you “can connect your Steam Deck to a computer via Remote Play and use it as a controller”. Given that Steam Deck has dual analog sticks, all the buttons you need and two track pads – we can imagine that the device can be a really good way to play some games when it launches in the first regions in December.

Which genres do you prefer to play with a controller?

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