Starfield Update 1.8.86 brings Nvidia DLSS

| 9:27 p.m

Starfield Temple


Bethesda’s new Starfield update 1.8.86 will be released on November 20th. It brings Nvidia DLSS support for PC gamers and many improvements. This update, previously tested as a beta, allows players to consume food and drinks directly in the game world. To improve performance and stability, the update fixes several memory issues and optimizes GPU performance, especially on high-end systems.

Graphics improvements include better viewing at ultra-wide resolutions and new brightness and contrast settings. In addition, several quest problems have been fixed. These changes significantly improve the gaming experience in this space adventure.

In terms of graphics, the update addresses ambient occlusion issues in ultrawide resolutions, optimizes shader compilation at startup, and adds new settings for brightness and contrast as well as HDR brightness (the latter only for Xbox and Windows 11).

Several problems have also been fixed in the quest area. Among other things, bugs that hindered progress on certain quests, such as “All That Money Can Buy,” “Blast Zone,” and “Echoes of the Past,” have been corrected. This includes fixing issues that prevented access to certain areas or items in the game.


Starfield Update 1.8.86 Patch Notes

Update highlights

  • Nvidia DLSS support: We’re bringing Nvidia DLSS to PC gamers. Compatible Nvidia graphics cards now offer DLSS Super Resolution, DLAA, Nvidia Reflex Low Latency and DLSS Frame Generation.
  • Let them eat! Now you can enjoy the food and drinks you find immediately or save them for later.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Performance and stability: Fixed memory issues and leaks. GPU performance optimized, especially on powerful graphics cards. Improved renderer threading model optimizes CPU utilization.
  • Gameplay: The ability to eat found food. Adjusted stealth game mechanics. Fixed various gameplay issues.


  • Fixed issues with ultrawide resolutions. Shader compilation optimized. New settings for brightness and contrast. Improved HDR brightness (Xbox, Windows 11). Fixed various visual issues.


  • Fixed various quest issues that blocked progression or prevented access to areas or items.

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Source: Steam