Starfield gets destroyed by players, a record that hurts

Like all new big titles, Starfield unleashes passions. And for some, the experience seems bitter after dozens of hours of play.

A masterpiece for some, a semi-disappointment or failure for others, opinions on Starfield diverge. But overall, the feedback is clearly positive since the game obtains a Metacritic average of 84/100 for the specialized press. It’s a little more lukewarm on the players’ side, with an average of 6.6, but we must take into account the review bombing suffered by the title. At each manufacturer exclusion release, some people have fun distributing zeros and other very low notes abundantly. Fortunately, other platforms like Steam can be trusted for more constructive reviews.

Starfield does worse than the much criticized Fallout 76

On Steam, players can give their opinion on games, but the practice is regulated. To post a review, you must have played the titles. It seems entirely logical to avoid deviations, but we can clearly see with Metacritic’s review bombing that all platforms are not yet up to speed on this. If we’re talking about this again, it’s because Starfield’s rating dropped below that of Fallout 76. It is therefore now the lowest rated Bethesda game in the publisher’s history. , and it’s an understatement to say that it’s a big underperformance. Fallout 76 being one of the company’s biggest flops so far, if not the biggest. To provide some context, the Metacritic rating of the software is 52/100.


On the other hand, on the Valve store, it is the opposite because 71.76% of Fallout 76 evaluations are positive, compared to 71.40% for Starfield. So it’s below, even if it’s played in a pocket handkerchief microphone. So what bothered these players? After 41.1 hours of play, one of them deplores the technique, the animations, the writing or even the exploration with “desperately empty planets”. This last weak point is also found among the user with his 92.9 hours of play on the clock. Several of them compare Starfield to other RPGs like Cyberpunk 2077 or Baldur’s Gate 3 to express their disappointment, particularly in terms of the relationships that can be maintained in Bethesda’s baby. Another believes that the publisher failed to evolve during the “ten that separates Skyrim and Starfield”.

Bethesda’s RPG is like good wine

If Starfield has many faults, this record should be moderated. As said above, it’s a no-brainer. Secondly, you must keep in mind that Fallout 76 was released in 2018 and that it therefore benefited from numerous updates to improve, and mods from the community. And it will be the same for Bethesda’s latest RPG which can only improve over time, even if all the shortcomings noted by some will not completely disappear. Thanks to little DIYers, we can now make interplanetary trips without a long loading screen. A highly anticipated feature that is finally available.

Modding is completely accepted by Bethesda and it is even at the heart of the Starfield experience. The publisher is already planning to bring new options and other tools for modders to have fun. Moreover, the criticism on the planets formulated for a user could “soon” be ancient history since it should be possible to modify them in the coming months.

If Starfield is a little behind Fallout 76 on Steam in terms of its Steam rating, it was number 1 in sales for a while on the platform. A record which adds to that of having brought together more than 10 million players. According to initial figures, the game sold more than 3.5 million copies in 48 hours. An extremely encouraging start given this massive result in a very short time.