Stardew Valley: Harvest Import, Edna's Breakout and Duck Space Flight

In order to filter three games from my brain that I can easily call my favorite titles of all time, I have to narrow down the selection a bit. That's why I decided to only name games that are one special Meaning for my life that I have keep throwing it on again and again would and with whom I feel the urgent need, to babble all over my surroundings with it.


So have fun with it my two cents on three gamesthat meet these criteria for me. Prepare for ramblings and personal nostalgia tours as I try to put into words what is mostly feelings.

Has anyone cultivated a field here? How Stardew Valley planted itself in my heart

Without wanting to copy Sören, I can't avoid it too Stardew Valley to rave. I just love my virtual beets and they taste the juiciest here. I was prepared by Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town in the GBA slot of my shaky Nintendo DS. Every day after school I worked hard to complete my self-imposed quota of farm tasks. Years later, when I had sucked every drop of content out of Mineralstadt, Stardew Valley came at just the right time on the plan.

Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical at first and didn't really trust the game to win my favor. But now I can testify without a doubt that I was more than wrong. I don't think I have to explain to anyone anymore why Stardew Valley is great and my praise would just be a drop in the ocean anyway. For me it is personal the game is always a safe haven in my everyday life, no matter how humble I feel

Just looking at a mere screenshot of Stardew Valley can fill me with pure joy.


Video games with recurring tasks for which I can create mental to-dos are exactly my thing. If cute animals and interesting characters are on the agenda, then I'm completely done. Stardew Valley offers me exactly that, with one Attention to detail, which many of his clones unsuccessfully attempt to replicate. Even though the farming RPG genre of course has other excellent titles to offer, Stardew Valley is extremely difficult well-deserved place on the throne to bump.

Escape Forward: How Edna Breaks Out of Me Opened the Gaming Scene

I never want to have to be the person I was before I left Edna breaks out have experienced. This unfinished version of me may have spent a shocking amount of her free time in front of interactive screen flickering, but she never realized that there was a whole community of enthusiastic gamers out there. Edna Breaks Out wasn't just able to open my eyes as a pure gaming experience, thanks to it I also opened mine first Let's Play and have never stopped consuming gaming content of any kind since then.

With my Collector's Edition on the shelf, I looked menacingly at the Daedelic stand at Gamescom in the past few days and tried to gather all my courage to talk to someone there. Because Edna breaks out has had a significant impact on my life and certainly played a big part in why I'm able to sit here today and write about my favorite games.

The principle of a point-and-click adventure is so simple and yet you can create what feels like an infinite number of adventures with Edna and Harvey. As someone who doesn't have enough of clever and funny dialogues I immediately fell for the crazy gaming world. All the characters are interesting in their own way and even a guy who just says “Droggelbecher” has me hanging on his every word.

Edna and Harvey always find themselves in the most absurd situations.

Edna and Harvey always find themselves in the most absurd situations.

Developer Poki's work is a real one for me inspiring example of passion and narrative talent. That's why I love listening to his audio commentary on every scene, which showed me that game development doesn't always have to be an inaccessible black box. And so I'll drop the metaphorical mic and let you digest this fangirl manifesto in peace. Although, there's another one coming!

Rise of the Single-Celled Cells: How Spore Growed My Brain

spore isn't exactly a game that I would expect to be on today's big top ten lists. But it finds a place of honor in my top three and, to be honest, that's not easy for me to explain. It's a bit like friends from school who are still the first things you think of when you decide who you want to spend time with on the weekend. Spore happened to me all at once opened up a whole wave of new genres and I love them all. Regardless of whether it's open-world survival, real-time strategy, city building simulation or… primal soup swimming?

As varied as Spore's gameplay may be, one thing is consistent: no matter how much I explore the creature editor, for some reason a duck race always comes out. On their path of evolution, they usually shake each other nerve-racking music and dance battles to the top. It was only in one of my later rounds that I was able to bring myself to send my species to war, and even then I still felt a little sorry about having to crush particularly cute enemies.

If you want to master evolution, you have to start small.

If you want to master evolution, you have to start small.

Of course I have too way too much time in every little design project to create what is sure to be the silliest vehicle or building. Everything about Spore is just so positively stupid and it amuses me to no end. I just want to skip the tribe phase in most cases. And to be honest, there are of course some games that represent the genres represented much better, but the crazy mix has something very special about it.

One a good round of spores always works, can be tackled at your own pace and covers your video game cravings for a colorful menu. If you understand why I love the game so much, you would probably also understand an important part of my personality. My ducks and their practical jokes have become deeply rooted in my inner being.