Star Wars: “It hurts a little”

As soon as they can walk, they do their own thing: Star Wars father George Lucas talks about how he views the development of the brand and what that does to him. After all, Disney is now at the helm and decides where the journey will go.

The legendary director and producer recently spoke about his future. George Lucas answered the question of whether he would direct another Star Wars film. Apparently, the now 80-year-old misses being behind the camera.


This is what George Lucas thinks about Star Wars today

Lucas’ statement is contained in an interview with the Spanish publication El PaisHere the filmmaker is asked about the new films in the series and also series that have been produced under the Disney banner. Here Lucas makes an interesting statement that is reminiscent of a worried father remind.

George Lucas has fatherly feelings for those currently responsible for Star Wars, such as Kathleen Kennedy of Lucasfilm:

“I have the feeling that [die Filme und Serien] from my children, and sometimes it hurts a little when they grow up and move away from you.”


Source: nicolas genin from Paris, France / CC BY-SA 2.0

George Lucas seems to miss his time behind the camera.

That sounds a bit wistful and nostalgic, as if he misses the old days when he had full control over the brand himself. But those days are long gone. But Lucas is not idle even in his old age.

At 80 years of age, George Lucas is now largely retired. As an ongoing project, the American is currently setting up a film museum. Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is scheduled to open its doors in Los Angeles in 2025. Meanwhile A Lego Star Wars set is currently going through the roofbecause fans are particularly keen on a rare minifigure.

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