Star Citizen: The fundraiser for the “space program” has reached $ 400 million

Star Citizen: The fundraiser for the "space program" has reached $ 400 million

In March this year Roberts Space Industries – a company founded by Chrisa Robertsa (Wing Commandr), engaged in production Star Citizen – boasted of raising $ 350 million through Kickstarterand then through direct transactions (currently the collection is underway on the game’s website). It took eight months for the amount to exceed 400 million. Many players wonder when this madness will end.

Why do we use the term “madness”? Grand Theft Auto IV needed just over $ 100 million for production and marketing. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt even less, because 81 million.


Star Citizen despite having gathered among the players, over 400 million seems to be still stuck in alpha. The creators constantly have problems with implementing certain assumptions within the set deadlines, and the release date is still an enigma. This is the state of affairs ten years after the game began.

However, it looks like players are waiting Star Citizena they have armed themselves with inhuman amounts of patience, because the amount of money raised continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. Some argue that the project Chrisa Robertsa it’s just a swindle, and the others keep reaching for their credit card and making more payments. How this (cosmic) epic will end is hard to say.


Star Citizen is by definition a game combining a single player campaign (enriched with cooperation) with a module MMOwhere we will travel the galaxy, explore planets, complete quests, trade, upgrade the ship …

Yes, it can be said that it is so modern, clearly developed Privateer. Actors such as Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill, John Rhys-Davies, Gillian Anderson,  Andy Serkis czy Ben Mendelsohn.


On paper Star Citizen it looks so good it’s no wonder so many players are looking forward to it. And if you want to see an early version of the game in action, you can take part in the free trials by December 1.


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