STALKER 2, new images tell us about the area

Today is a big day for gamers who can’t wait to get their hands on STALKER 2! Here are the new images of the “Zone” that make you shiver!

These years are a golden age for video games, in fact, even if the pandemic and semiconductor crisis have led to a slowdown in the production of many games and alle shortages of stocks of PS5, Xbox Series X / S and of GPU, they really are many titles on the way that make you smell next gen. To date, in fact, it seems that the next gen has not even touched us.

The world falls apart in this title. (Source: Steam)

While some titles are wonderful both graphically and in design, they are actually titles cross gen and we are still a long way from seeing the true performance and realism of the new generation of video games. But now we want to show you something that will do you relish for one moment what is the next gen.

STALKER 2: the images that have traveled the world

In short, the next gen seems that the players have not yet been able to touch it, also because there it could take years before the home consoles Microsoft And Sony can express their full potential, as happened with previous generations.

stalker 2
Don’t expect views like these in the next pictures! (Source: Steam)

Since the first trailer was shown STALKER 2 it quickly became the object of desire of thousands of players around the world who are looking forward to playing this incredible title, as well as the fact that the development team is doing a great job despite the war.

Thanks to video and at images STALKER 2 really feels like a game impressive at least from the point of view of graphics and animations, able to be able to show how far you can go with the Unreal Engine 5.

To the GSC Game World images of the game were shown in which it is possible to perfectly see some very suggestive moments of the Exclusion Zone.

In fact the images released by the developers are very dark And gloomy as if to symbolize how profound the title can be at the level of restlessness, also winking at many techniques known in the horror.

stalker 2
(Source: STAKER Official Twitter)
(Source: STAKER Official Twitter)
(Source: STAKER Official Twitter)

STALKER 2 will be available for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC later December 2023, so it will be a great Christmas present to give to any gamer, even if Steam is currently doing some incredible sales and it might be worth the presents early.

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