Sprint City Tour – Everything You Need to Know and the Rewards – Next Stage

Monopoly Go: Sprint City Tour is a dynamic event that offers enticing rewards to participants. This article covers milestones to reach and tips to maximize your score during this exclusive event available from July 10, 2024 at 9:00 PM until July 11, 2024 at 7:59 PM. Dive into the details to discover how to accumulate varied and useful rewards.

Monopoly Go Event Details: Sprint City Tour

The City Tour Sprint is a single-player event where players must reach target points by landing on specific squares with event icons. Reaching the final prize requires strategy and luck. Here are the key takeaways:


  • Event Dates: July 10, 2024 at 9:00 PM to July 11, 2024 at 7:59 PM
  • Final price: 1,700 dice
  • Total number of dice available: 4,420 dice
  • Primary objective : Station

To maximize your chances of success, focus on event-specific boxes, as they increase your points and bring you closer to the final rewards.

Full list of awards

Here is a summary table of the different rewards available, classified by level of points reached. These rewards include partner tokens, dice, packs of cards of different colors, and special boosts.

145x120 ice cream partner tokens
255x50 dice
3801 pack of green cards (1 star)
490x140 ice cream partner tokens
5120x90 dice
61505 minute boost high roller
7140x160 ice cream partner tokens
82001 pack of yellow cards (2 stars)
9250x180 dice
102301 pack of pink cards (3 stars)
12275x180 ice cream partner tokens
133001 pack of blue cards (4 stars)
15400x250 dice
16450x280 ice cream partner tokens
1750025 minutes mega heist boost
19700x400 dice
208001 pack of blue cards (4 stars)
21900x400 ice cream partner tokens
231200x650 dice
2518001 pack of blue cards (4 stars)
262000x1100 dice
271500x10 Money Boost
282500x500 ice cream partner tokens
303200x1700 dice

Tips to maximize your points during the event

To perform in the Sprint city tour of Monopoly Goit is crucial to adopt certain strategies. Here are some tips to optimize your progress and unlock as many rewards as possible:

Focus on event icons

Maximize your points by focusing on the boxes with the event icons. These offer additional points essential for progressing through the reward tiers.


Dice Management

Effective management of available dice is essential. Use them wisely to optimize your rolls and achieve objectives without wasting your resources. Plan your actions and avoid using them too hastily.

Boosters and partnerships

Ice Cream Partner Tokens and Boosts can significantly increase your chances. Use High Roller and Mega Heist Boosts at the right times to maximize your winnings and reach higher levels faster.

An event rich in rewards

By participating in the event Monopoly Go: Sprint City Touryou will have the opportunity to earn a multitude of valuable rewards. Whether it is dice, star card packs or boosters, all rewards can help you progress in the game more efficiently. Take advantage of this opportunity to accumulate resources and optimize your experience in Monopoly Go.

To conclude, this exclusive event offers a dynamic and rich experience for Monopoly Go fans. Prepare yourself, plan your moves and try to get all the rewards available to maximize your progress in the game.