Spotlight hour today with Girafarig and XP bonus

Today, September 19, 2023, Pokémon GO is running a Spotlight Hour with Girafarig. We at MeinMMO will show you all the important information about the start of the event, the bonus and the shiny.

What is a Spotlight Hour? Every Tuesday, Pokémon GO hosts a one-hour event that focuses on a specific monster that spawns everywhere in the wild. This Pokémon is accompanied by an additional bonus that is intended to enhance the event.

Today it’s that time again and you can meet the normal and psycho-Pokémon Girafarig from the 2nd generation of games. We have summarized below when it spawns in the wild and what bonuses it brings you.

Limelight Hour on September 19th – Launch, Bonuses & Shiny

When does the spotlight hour start? Like every Tuesday, the spotlight hour will run today, September 19, 2023, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

What bonuses are there? During the one-hour event you can mainly encounter Girafarig in the wild. If the spawns aren’t enough for you, you can attract more specimens by activating a smoke.

In addition, you will receive double XP when you catch Pokémon during this time. This not only affects the Normal and Psycho-Pokémon, but also all other monsters in the game that you can catch. Alternatively, you can also play raids or fire up the wonder box.

If you’re looking for stardust instead, you’ll find it in the spotlight hour next week:

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Is there a Shiny Girafarig? Yes, with a bit of luck you can also come across a dazzling specimen of Girafarig. However, keep in mind that the Shiny chance is not increased during the Spotlight Hour. If you discover a similar specimen, you will recognize it by its striking blue nose.

Girafarig normal (left) and as shiny (right)

Is the spotlight hour worth it? Girafarig is not particularly strong as an attacker in raids and the PvP league and is therefore rather uninteresting. The spotlight hour is therefore worth it, especially because of the XP bonus when catching. A lot of this is needed on the way to level 50. In addition, shiny hunters also get their money’s worth at the short event.

By the way: Players are currently suffering from a shortage of Poké Balls and believe the developers have secretly taken them away.