Spanish wordle, tildes and scientist: Solution for today March 30

More Wordle challenges are now available. As always we give you the solutions for the normal modality, but also the one with tildes and scientific, and we provide you with certain clues so that you can overcome them without having to look at our solution.

And once again we help you solve each of the hidden words in the puzzle games. Wordlefirst giving you clues so you can participate and finally the solution to each one of them.

The structure is the same as always, we will tell you exactly how each of the puzzle of Wordle españolsimilar but not the same, we offer you several clues that we believe are more than enough for you to solve the words.

That is why to solve each of the puzzles you must try different words and thus find the solution in Spanish Wordle.


Forgotten video game characters. But who are you?


Spanish wordle, tildes and scientific Solution for today March 30

In this guide we help you find the solution to all the hidden words of Wordle in Spanish both the normal challenge, as well as the challenge with tildes and the scientific challengeoffering you clues for each of them.

Normal Wordle in Spanish 448: clues and solution to the word of March 30, 2023

First we will tell you how to play:

  • You must find the hidden word in a maximum of six attempts
  • Each attempt must be an existing word in the dictionary and of five letters
  • For each attempt, the color of the letters will show if it is correct or not, enter the following: if the letter has a green background, it means that you have guessed the letter and also its position; if it has a yellow background, it means that the letter is inside the word but you have not guessed the position correctly; if the background is gray it means that the letter does not exist within the solution.


  • Defect or lack.
  • Fracture of the earth’s crust accompanied by sliding of one of the edges.
  • He has two A’s.


You are about to know the solution to the normal challenge, a solution that you will see in the next paragraph so do not continue reading if you still do not want to know what word it is.

We have warned you, and the solution to the normal challenge in Spanish is:


Wordle with tildes in Spanish 395: clues and solution to the word of March 30, 2023

How to play:

  • The word solution can have from 5 to 7 letters
  • Within the word solution there is a letter that has a tilde
  • Vowels with tilde are independent of normal vowels


  • Said of a period of time: of greater fullness of a culture, of a civilization, of an artistic or cultural manifestation, etc…
  • That does not deviate from the traditional, from the rules established by custom and use.
  • The A is accentuated.


You are about to know the solution to Wordle with tildes, and you will have it available in the next paragraph for you to take into account.

We have already warned you, the solution to this challenge of accents is the following:


Wordle in scientific Spanish 382: clues and solution to the word of March 30, 2023

First we tell you how to play:

  • Same procedure as above
  • The word solution is from 3 to 7 letters
  • The word solution is related to science


  • It is said of all ruminant mammals, with the smooth case of the horns, the wide and bare snout and the long tail with a tuft at the end. They are large animals and many of them are reduced to domesticity.
  • It has three vowels.
  • Start with B.


Below you will find Wordle’s solution in scientific Spanish, and you will find it in the next paragraph, so you are already warned.

The solution is the following, just below this line:


With this we already have the solution to Wordle in Spanish both in normal mode, tildes mode and scientific mode from March 30, 2023and tomorrow you will have those of March 31.