South Park: Snow Day! – Test and News

The South Park license is well known to video game fans. With two very high-quality episodes (The Stick of Truth and the Annal of Destiny), players were able to discover two original stories which took the form of a turn-based RPG. Successful adaptations, both in substance and in form, which are entitled to a spiritual sequel called South Park: Snow Day! A new episode which completely changes the formula and which, despite certain qualities, leaves us cold.

You embody – once again – the new. After a brief introduction which takes us to the heart of South Park which is immersed under an impressive layer of snow, we take the time to create our hero. In the meantime, the cold and white coat that has covered the city brings excellent news to Cartman: the school is closed. In just a few seconds, the heavy-boned boy puts on his wizard outfit (which comes straight from the game The Stick of Truth) then he invites us to take part in his role play. Our adversaries are obviously the main protagonists of the series and their meeting will punctuate this adventure which turns out to be really very short. Unlike the previous two games, South Park: Snow Day! will only keep us in suspense for a few short hours. The events narrated are agreed, without being unpleasant to follow. A simple and effective path that lacks madness, what the license has always accustomed us to until now.


Fortunately for the game, it can still count on the South Park universe. The characters are there, respecting the original material, both in content and form. We really appreciate the presence of the VFan element that was absent from the two previously released RPGs. When it comes to content, dialogue, and humor, South Park: Snow Day! does the job, without pushing the vice as far as its elders. We also relaunched a game on The Stick of Truth to compare the two games (on substance, obviously), and it is clear that the 2014 title goes much further into delirium. Here, it's nicer, more conventional, undoubtedly more “in tune with the times”, unfortunately. For the rest, the developers have decided to radically change the game formula by offering a 3D experience. So forget the 2D which referred to the series! This choice – logical in relation to the gameplay proposal – is mastered. The characters and environments are rather well transcribed on screen. So yes, it lacks a little charm and it becomes a little more genericbut it was difficult to do otherwise when switching to a 3D engine.

But where South Park: Snow Day! wants to be radically different, it's in its gameplay. Exit the RPG / Turn-based aspect, this episode makes way for pure action. We understand very quickly – after a tutorial of a few minutes – how the title works: you will have to tap on everything that moves. To put it simply, you have a melee attack, a ranged attack, but also certain skills that can be used during combat. If the latter are subject to change, the basic gameplay remains identical throughout the game. We move, we dodge and we strike our enemies. It's terribly basic and not very qualitative in the sense that the confrontations are messy. Add to that a capricious camera in certain situations and you understand that the gaming experience offered is far from optimal. And it’s not the limited “bestiary” that will make us say the opposite, nor the few boss fights whose patterns are easily identifiable…

South Park 3

Where South Park: Snow Day! What stands out is its card system. Before each mission, you can choose a “stupid card” which gives you a more important and impressive power that can save your life in the event of a complicated situation. You can also, throughout your missions, collect more classic cards which will allow you to develop the abilities of your hero. You decide which ones you want to use and, in general, they are diverse enough to adapt to your way of playing.. This customization is obviously welcome and brings real added value to the basic gameplay of the game.


Fortunately for us, the game is playable by several people. And that's where he's most friendly. You must therefore, in the company of three other players, carry out missions that are a little more original and in keeping with what the series offers. It's often fun, funny and above all much more playable than in solo where the AI ​​shines with its uselessness. Indeed, your three “new” friends who are played by the computer are spectacularly slow when it comes to acting and carrying out a simplistic action. An observation that will apply during the five campaign missions, unfortunately!

South Park 1

On the technical side, South Park: Snow Day! is a game that works pretty well. We did not encounter the slightest bug during the various missions we carried out. As for the artistic direction, the transition to 3D is successful, without being brilliant. We can't say that the title we're playing really takes advantage of the power of the Xbox Series This is actually the real problem with the game: we have the impression that the developers have not taken advantage of the full potential of the series and the game itself. It's funny, but not funny enough. It's fun, but not all the time. It's beautiful, but not that much. This lackluster impression affects just about every area of ​​the game, and it's a shame.

South Park: Snow Day! is a disappointing game in the sense that we expected much more from it. No more provocation, sensitive subjects, ironies. But also more precision in the gameplay, originality and craziness. The gaming experience is correct, not uninteresting in itself, but it really deserves more in-depth work on all its aspects so that we can fully enjoy a game that lives up to the license.


  • VF;
  • Fun for many;
  • Card system;
  • Touches of humor, sometimes.

    • Imprecise and limited gameplay;
    • Ridiculous bestiary;
    • Totally stupid AI;
    • Very short ;
    • Cruel lack of madness and impertinence;
    • Repetitive as hell.