South Park: Snow Day! in the test

With South Park: The Stick of Truth and South Park: The Rectacular Ordeal, fans of the crazy animated series got their money's worth. Obsidian created two role-playing games that delighted South Park veterans and newcomers alike. As a mute, new child, you were integrated into the events of the small town and not only visited well-known locations, but also became a direct part of history. Snow Day! But there is a lot of snow blowing up here.

As the name suggests, South Park is covered in snow. “The blizzard of the century” sweeps across the city, causing chaos, car accidents and several deaths. But for Eric Cartman, of course, only one thing matters: Does that mean school is canceled?


After the stormy night is over, Cartman grabs his wizard costume, which we already know from the Obsidian games, and storms out into the snow. If we see this introduction in the usual 2D South Park look, that changes when we leave the house. Cartman not only opens the front door, but also Pandora's Box.

But before we go out, let's create our character. The selection of clothing is not too extensive. There are some fun hairstyles and facial features and a whole bunch of emotes. As the game progresses we can unlock additional clothes etc. Click through once and the tutorial starts.

Unlike the Obsidian titles, we're in more generic territory. A snow-covered path, a few trees left and right and isolated, unknown South Park figures that could have been avoided. At least we briefly pass the snow-covered elementary school – but that's the last known place for now.


Instead, we fight our way through the snow and learn about flying toilet paper as currency. Because of the blizzard, this is currently in short supply. Gags that might have worked better in 2020.

Source: THQ Nordic

We also exchange the toilet paper for our first weapon before we meet Jimmy, who gives us our first ability: the fart escape. Here too, as the game progresses we unlock new powers that can be used alongside the weapons. A total of two powers can be equipped at the same time.

The powers depend on an energy bar. Because we can only use our skills when we are really pissed off. The more damage we cause or suffer in the game, the more pissed off we are.

In addition to the fart escape, we have a healing totem at the beginning, which is actually just a bag of chips on a stick. It heals all allies within the hive's radius for a short time.

Jimmy's main task is not to give us any skills, but rather to present the roguelite aspect of the game.

At the start of each level, game master Butters hands out cards with buffs. Our opponents and we select a few of them and thus lay the foundation for the battle. These can be stronger melee attacks or stronger farts. During the course of a level we repeatedly meet Jimmy, who offers us further buffs. If there is nothing for us, we can bribe him with toilet paper and remix or even upgrade.

On top of that, each team has a selection of “bullshit cards”. These are powerful abilities that trigger specific events or effects, including attacks such as laser eyes, explosive excrement, or waves of minions that rush at enemies. They can therefore only be used to a limited extent over the course of a level.

But bullshit is also the appropriate term when it comes to the fights. In each level we run through winding passages that offer at most one or two paths off the main path. But these also quickly end in dead ends. On the way, preschool and elementary school students constantly jump out of the bushes and want us to beat them up. What follows: button mashing at its best.