SoundHound integrates an AI-powered search service into its voice assistants, leaving users intrigued.

Partnerships keep coming in the world of artificial intelligence. Fully part of this trend, Perplexity announced that it is partnering with SoundHound AI, specialist in voice AI to bring LLM functions from its search engine to automotive and IoT devices via SoundHound Chat AI. “Now our voice AI assistant can seamlessly deliver web insights in real-time, responding conversationally”says SoundHound.

For the record, Chat AI is a voice assistant that uses hundreds of domains in real time, as well as generative AI responses. Building on this partnership, SoundHound AI hopes to strengthen the functionalities linked to its product and make it a benchmark in the voice assistant market. To respond “intelligently,” the assistant also uses in-house developed adjudication technology that combines software engineering and machine learning to select the most appropriate response and minimize “AI hallucinations.”


On-board assistants powered by AI in automobile fleets

By partnering with Perplexity, the Californian company intends to offer end users a daily AI assistant. For example, a person driving a car might ask a question like: “What is the price of gas this week compared to last week?” The response will combine accurate, live gas price information with a comprehensive generative AI-powered explanation that will provide additional context. The user can then request to “navigate to the nearest gas station” and be guided by the assistant which incorporates data from the appropriate sources and integrates with the navigation software of a device such as 'a car or a phone.

SoundHound's voice AI products enable anyone to speak in natural language to access a wide range of real-time insights (such as flight schedules, sports scores, music selections and restaurant searches). ), to generative AI responses (coming from several LLMs). To date, SoundHound claims that Chat AI has been deployed in more than 12 countries and in 18 languages ​​with its automotive partner Stellantis.

Perplexity multiplies partnerships

For Perplexity, this partnership is part of a broader strategy which consists of integrating its technology into an ever-widening spectrum of sectors. Recently, the start-up announced a partnership with SK Telecom, a telecommunications operator in South Korea in order to target its approximately 32 million subscribers. It also indicates that it has concluded strategic agreements with SoftBank in Japan and Deutsche Telekom in Germany – to distribute Perplexity to consumers and businesses. Through these partnerships, the start-up targets a combined user base of more than 335 million mobile and broadband customers.

Also remember that earlier this year, Perplexity launched an Enterprise Pro offering, the first of its kind for businesses. Boasting of use of its services by “millions of people”, Perplexity has therefore spent the last few months deploying Enterprise Pro to select companies across a wide range of industries, including Bridgewater, Cleveland Cavaliers, Databricks, ElevenLabs, HP, Paytm, Replit, Snowflake, Stripe, Thrive Global, Universal McCann, Vercel and Zoom.


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