Sony forces Dbrand to stop selling side panels for Playstation 5 – releases new ones

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When Sony launched the Playstation 5, the mostly black color scheme that has been attached since the Playstation 2 was abandoned. gamers in the taste. Modd-sugna, on the other hand, quickly discovered that the side panels could easily be detached and thus replaced.

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This was also picked up by Dbrand, which already manufactures “skins” in vinyl for both Playstation 5 and older consoles. They thus launched the Dplates side panel, which is simply an extra side panel in a different color. The product page included a request to Sony to sue them if they were dissatisfied. Now Sony takes the call seriously and Dbrand is forced to stop all production and sales after threats of legal action.

On Saturday, Dbrand announced that they have chosen to remove Dplates from the range. In a long Reddit posts they explain why Dplates, “like your hopes and dreams”, have now met their deaths. Sony is said to have contacted the company with a warning and threat of lawsuit. This applied to both the side panels themselves and a pattern on the panels, which Sony believes are too similar to the symbols used for the company’s game controls. A theory is also presented that Sony may have its own panels underway and that this is the real reason for the measures.


Instead of answering it, let’s get to the point: we’ve elected to submit to the terrorists’ demands… for now.

While we strongly believe in the consumer’s right to customize and modify their hardware with aftermarket components, your Darkplates are now a collector’s item. You know what they say – you either die a Darkplates owner, or you live long enough to see yourself become the scalper.

In closing, fuck you and especially fuck Sony. Talk soon.

Dbrand explains that they are only giving in at the moment and suggests a return in the future. Until then, they choose to end by asking Sony to pull where the pepper grows. That future, on the other hand, turned out to be closer than first hinted at, as they have already launched a new variant, but with rounded corners.


The new variant also has the addition of different colored vinyl over the console’s light loops and a cut – out fan grille on each side. Of course, Dbrand retains the same cocky attitude as before, and writes as follows:


If you’ve made it this far down the page without buying anything, you’re probably a lawyer. Good news for us, bad news for you: there (probably) aren’t any newly-approved patents on custom LED lightstrips, middle skins, or all-new Darkplates 2.0 colorways. Serve us another C&D if we’re wrong.

How it goes for the new variant remains to be seen.


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