Solve swords puzzles with four pictures in Resident Evil 4 Remake

During Chapter 7 of Resident Evil 4 Remake, you’ll come across the castle’s treasury, where you’ll have to solve a four-picture swords puzzle. At this point we show you the solution to this puzzle on all levels of difficulty.

Find missing sword

After arriving in the treasury you can first examine the four pictures in front of you. You can find that in the indentations of three of these pictures gold sword, iron sword and rusted sword. However, the fourth sword is missing.

It is about this bloodied sword. To the left of the pictures there is an area cordoned off with bars. You can pull a chain to the left of the grate, which will cause the deer on the gate lock to light up. Now pull out your weapon and shoot at the symbols with the eagle and the snakeso that these symbols also light up and the gate opens.

Shoot these two symbols to open the gate (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
Shoot these two symbols to open the gate (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

Solution on Veteran and Pro: On the two higher difficulty levels, the eagle and snake symbols are in the back left of the room and are slightly more difficult to hit.

In the area behind you can now do that draw a bloodstained sword from the statue on the ground in the center.

Solve puzzles with four pictures

You are now in possession of all four swords and must now place them in the correct indentations of the four pictures. You can solve the puzzle based on the story told by the pictures.

The knight on the left only has an iron sword at first, in the second picture from the left he is given the gold sword by the king. In the third picture from the left he would attack his enemy with the blood-smeared sword. Finally, at the knight’s grave, you have to pocket the rusted sword.

Place the swords on the pictures so that the gate opens (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
Place the swords on the pictures to open the gate (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

did you do everything right the gate will then open and you can continue to make your way through the castle to escape the nightmare in Reisdent Evil 4 Remake.

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