Solution to the quest: The Saint of the Slums – Dragon's Dogma 2

Our complete solution is here to accompany you on your journey in the world of Dragon's Dogma. Detailed guides on objects to find, rewards to obtain or even bosses to face. In this article you will find everything you need to know to complete the quest The saint of the slums In
Dragon's Dogma 2.

Solution for The Saint of the Slums in Dragon's Dogma 2

The quest La saint of the slums will be obtained from Elena in front of the Saving Hand in the Lower Quarters.


Meet in front of the Salvatrice Main in the Lower Quarters. Ahead you will find sister Elena. After a short conversation with her, Elena will ask you to bring her a medicinal ingredient, ectoplasmite. To find this ingredient, you will have to venture onto the night roads to fight some ghosts.

With ectoplasmite in your pocket, return to Elena to give her the ingredient. Then follow her inside the Saving Hand and speak with patient Lubomir. The latter explains to you that he is suspicious of the sister and even thinks that she is carrying out experiments on patients.

Come out of the building to find Sister Lottie. This explains to you that there are obviously strange things happening in the basement of the Saving Hand. Return inside to report this information to Lubomir. He will then ask you to help him find evidence against Sister Elena.

Leave the area and only return to the Saving Hand after dark. There, go down to the basement and take the doors on the right. Continue forward and in the next room, go behind the curtain. Pick up the treatment notes from the library as well as the unlabeled remedy on the table.


Once done, go back up to show these elements to Lubomir. He will then tell you about a doctor, located at the Village Etape, and two former patients. You will find the former patients, Jehan and Bruno, in front of Walter's tavern. Chat with them to obtain new information then go to the city district at night. There you will see Sister Elena in the middle of a transaction with an individual.

Then go to the Stopover Village and head south of the village to find Radcliff's house. When there, give the unlabeled remedy to the doctor. Wait a day then return to visit him. Radcliff will then teach you that the cure is actually poison.

Now return to the Saving Hand to learn from Sister Lottie that Lubomir has been transferred to the basement. Go down as quickly as possible and grab sister Elena to allow the guards to arrest her. This will end the quest The saint of the slums.