Solution to the quest: Painkiller – Dofus – Gamosaurus

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“Pain sufferer” In Dofus.

Everything you need to know

PrerequisitesRecommended level: 20
Quests: ” Class Council “
Awards41,277 XP
936 Kamas
Beach Towel x1
Tanning cream x1
Marine Conch x1
Competition Fin x1
LocationAstrub [5,-20]
PredictableCombat (alone) x4
Being a Sacrier

Solution to the quest “Pain sufferer” In

The Sacriers must go to Saketsu, in
[5,-20] to start their class quest. It is located in the hunter's workshop, in the second room. He tells you that the Blades of Suffering were stolen when the Sacrier Temple was moved. To do this, you will have to hunt them down and confront them. But first, after accepting his proposal, think about ” Confirm “ your approval for special training.


Go see Brigitte Sarimavek in [3,-13] to pass the ritual of suffering. And for that, nothing better than listening to someone sing very badly. Contact Hande Molle on the same card who will be happy to help you. Once this ordeal is over, speak once again to Brigitte Sarimavek who tells you that the Dancing Blade of Suffering has appeared and that you must catch it. Interact with her to enter combat.

Once defeated, Brigitte Sarimavek asks you to bring her back to Saketsu. Execute and return to
[5,-20] for him “Ask what to do” for the rest.

Sweet pain

Aware that you must suffer for the blades to manifest, Saketsu will have a field day. This is how he waxes you, without waiting for the slightest response. His action works, and the Flaying Blade appears. Turn towards her to start the fight. Now that you have a second sword, Saketsu thinks he knows how to find the third.

And that will require making a few chachas suffer. Go ahead
[3,-20] to find Chacha Strubien and kick him in the rear until the dialog box “Observe carefully” appears, indicating the appearance of the blade. Now try to catch the Guardian Blade by confronting it. Palrez with Brigitte Sarimavek on the same map before going to see an alchemist.


It is therefore near Nibé Lulle, in [3,-21], which must be surrendered. This one gives you a potion which will make you suffer by forcing you to refrain from going to the little corner. Speak with Brigitte, which will make the blade appear. But to your great astonishment, two blades appeared. Address the Flying Blade to attack it.

Once the fight is over, speak to Brigitte one last time.

All you have to do now is return to Saketsu to end the quest. “Pain sufferer” on
Dofus. Heading to the sewers now to “It smells like gas”.