Softpos payment terminal – a modern solution that will revolutionize your business

According to the report Non-cash payments through the eyes of Poles 2021 presented by the Warsaw Banking Institute (WIB), the dynamic development of non-cash transactions is already a visible trend on the Polish market. Importantly, despite the high popularity of non-cash transactions, Poles indicate places where there are no or few payment terminals. According to the respondents, these are mainly fairs and bazaars (61%), grocery stores and smaller service points such as: shoemakers, tailors, florists or a car repair shop (33%).

A softpos terminal – a precise answer to the needs of micro-entrepreneurs

Do you run a business in an industry in which offering cashless payments is not a standard? Reach for a softpos solution – a modern application that will make the acceptance of card transactions easier and more convenient than ever before. Not only for you, but above all for your clients. Why?

Using a solution of the type softpos, you will be able to accept payments using the mobile application installed on your phone or tablet. This will allow you to take the device with you wherever your customers are. Such a solution will bring real benefits, primarily to micro-entrepreneurs, freelancers and people selling in various areas of the city or country.

How it’s working?

The principle of the softpos payment terminal is based on the use of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. To pay for a product or service, the buyer only needs to hold a payment card, watch, phone or other payment gadget to your smartphone and, if necessary, enter the PIN code directly on the phone screen. The PIN on Glass technology authorized by Visa and Mastercard will make you accept payments in any amount, without the need for additional authorization devices.

3 benefits for your business

  1. Advantage over the competitors. The possibility of making a cashless payment for many people is a key argument deciding when choosing a supplier of products and services. If your competitors have not made such a form of payment available so far, you will gain a competitive advantage by using a softpos solution.
  2. Gaining new customers. The popularity of cashless payments means that many people simply do not carry cash with them. Thanks to the acceptance of non-cash payments, you will acquire new customers who have not used your services so far due to the need to settle payments in the traditional way.
  3. The possibility of accepting payments also in non-standard conditions. Do you sell your products at a bazaar, trade fairs or conferences? Do you know how many potential customers you have lost without being able to pay with your card? When you reach for a softpos solution, you will have the terminal always at hand – wherever there are potential customers.

Softpos payment terminals are a new dimension of devices for handling card payments. By reaching for them first, you will build a competitive advantage, increase your turnover and profit. You will also be seen as a modern service provider that precisely meets the needs of modern consumers.

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