So you can now play the game for free that everyone is waiting for

A clear declaration of war on The Settlers: The iconic building game series from Germany has its best days behind it. The youngest game The Settlers: New Alliances came neither the trade press nor the fans were particularly well received.

The recent release on Steam changed relatively little about this. However, if you can't get enough of titles like this, don't despair. You can now have a promising competitor – for free.


Why are The Settlers no longer around?

In 1993, Blue Byte published the building game The Settlers together with Volker Wertich, laying the foundation for a franchise that has been very successful for decades. The mixture of building a settlement, organizing goods cycles and the cute bustle factor enjoyed enormous popularity.

A variety of other games and add-ons followed, but as time went on the old flair was somewhat lost. With The Settlers: New Alliances The series reached its lowest point last year, and since then there have apparently been no plans for further games. Fortunately, supplies are available elsewhere.

What alternatives are there to The Settlers?

In recent years, a number of development studios have tried to copy The Settlers – with varying degrees of success. Pioneers of Pagonia was a game launched last year that… that original flair most likely to capture. No wonder. The new team led by Volker Wertich, the settler inventor, is responsible for the development. But now there is another interesting alternative.


The starting signal for the early access phase was recently given Of Life and Land, a building game from Kerzoven. Here too, the focus is on building and expanding a settlement that is as prosperous as possible, but the title offers some fresh aspects. So it's about, among other things, as much as possible to live in harmony with natureespecially the animal world plays an important role.

From now on it stands a free demo of Of Life and Land ready for you can be downloaded via Steam. This makes it possible for you to get a taste of the game for a short time, without paying a cent for it. Steam is worth a visit anyway, we'll tell you the reasons.

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