So much better? Alien 3 was supposed to be completely different

When Alien 3 came out in 1992, only a few people knew that another director had taken the helm before David Fincher. Renny Harlin was originally supposed to be responsible for the film. And the Finn wanted make the sci-fi film completely differentIf he had been allowed to do that, Alien 3 might have been a bigger hit.

The next film to be released in cinemas is Alien Romulus, which is set to return to its old strengths. The plot is centered on the young successor of Sigourney Weaver.


Alien 3 could have changed everything

It is tragic that Alien 3 has divided the fan base so much. Perhaps the third entry in the Alien series would have been better received if it had a natural evolution of the scenario Now it has been revealed that the original director Renny Harlin had exactly that in mind.

After Alien 1 focused on Ellen Ripley and a small spaceship crew being hunted by a Xenomorph in the vastness of space, humanity turned the tables in Alien 2 and sent a handful of Colonial Marines after the creatures. What would be the next step for a third film?

David Fincher, who took over the directorial duties after Renny Harlin, sent Ripley to a remote prison planet. Harlin himself had a much bolder ideawhich was not accepted by those in charge at Fox. They assumed that it would not be possible to sell it credibly.


Invasion of the Xenomorphs

If it had been up to Harlin, the Aliens overrun the earth in the third film. As the director told Slash Movie reveals, he even had a scary movie poster in mind: “Let's bring the aliens to Earth and let them run through a cornfield. I already had the poster in my head with the farmhouse and the cornfield in the moonlight, and they run through the cornfield.”

Well, we'll probably never see that Alien film. Ironically, four years later, Independence Day dared to do what Alien didn't – bringing hostile aliens to Earth, which became a massive hit. The Alien franchise may have missed a huge opportunity. But the day is not over yet.

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