So it continues, date for the first DLC

The fans of Cities: Skylines 2 have had a turbulent few weeks. Even before the release they had to bother with a performance warning from the developers, the launch was marred by many technical problems. The first updates had brought about improvements, but the city building simulation is still not running smoothly. Therefore, it makes sense for the team to focus on further optimizing the game instead of DLC. Nevertheless, fans don’t have to wait too long before the first download extensions appear. That’s going out the just published roadmap out.


When are the DLCs coming for Cities: Skylines 2?

The Colossal Order team has announced what Cities: Skylines 2 players will enjoy (buy now €49.99 ) expected in the near future. Accordingly, should in the first quarter of 2024 Several smaller DLCs for the city building simulation are appearing. It starts with the asset pack called “Beach Properties”, which will probably revolve around real estate on and around the beach. In the same quarter, fans are allowed over the additional radio station “Deluxe Relax Station”, which will be playing in the background of the game.

It continues in the second quarter of 2024if equal multiple creator packs appear. As the names of “Modern Architecture” and “Urban Promenades” already suggest, the focus is on various areas of urban development, ranging from modern buildings to secluded promenades in the center. Also appearing during this period are “Soft Rock Radio” and “Cold Wave Channel”. two more stations for the in-game radio.


The roadmap with the first DLCs for Cities: Skylines 2 is here. (2)
Source: Paradox Interactive

“Bridges & Ports” is also expected to begin in the second quarter of 2024 the first major expansion for Cities: Skylines 2 appear. The developers have not yet revealed any specific details. But the title suggests that this is all about the construction and expansion of ports and various bridges rotates. Concrete Release dates are not yet known, but at least the fans now have some initial clues.

Source: Colossal Order via Steam