Smolny assured that there are no garbage burials within the boundaries of St. Petersburg and will not be

There are no and will not be landfills of garbage within the boundaries of St. Petersburg, said the governor of the Northern capital, Alexander Beglov, during his press conference.He also spoke about the city’s plans for the treatment of municipal solid waste.

St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region will achieve 100% processing of MSW within five years, Beglov said.According to him, most of the questions on this topic from the townspeople came in January 2022, when the garbage reform in St. Petersburg had just started.Now the flow of applications has decreased.

The reform was launched precisely in order to form a complete cycle of waste management – removal, disposal and processing.There is simply nowhere to export them without harming the environment, it is necessary to create processing plants, and work on this is already underway.


“The first thing the city did before the start of the reform was to start negotiations on the creation of factories with the operators operating at that time.But the contractors not only refused to participate in the project, they began to blackmail the city,” the governor said.

The new company, which is already engaged in a full cycle of work, was created jointly with the Leningrad region and other partners.Now the city has completed the first stage of the reform and is preparing for the second.

Four landfills are used for burial, as well as seven sorting complexes.Also, by the end of this year, another one will be launched – it is designed for 200,000 tons of waste per year.Five modern plants will be put into operation by 2025.

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